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10 Truck Accident Scenarios

Unfortunately, every day many people are injured in accidents due to the negligence of a truck driver. For those seeking legal representation for a collision, can rely on the services of an attorney, like a trucking accident lawyer trusts. Skilled lawyers understand the severe physical and financial impact you may currently be going through. Due to its size, semi trucks cause an even greater threat to others than passenger car drivers.

Here we have listed and defined a few terms related to truck accidents and why they happen. If you have any additional questions, a truck accident attorney is happy to speak with you.

#1 Jackknife

When a truck driver breaks too quickly and with force, it can result in a jackknife. The semi truck skids outward, and the cab and trailer turns into a 90-degree angle.

#2 Tire Blowout

When a tire blowout happens, a truck can suddenly become out of control, threatening other cars driving next to or near the truck.

#3 Rollover

If a driver loses control of the truck, it can roll over on one of its sides, causing extreme havoc to other cars on the roadway.  

#4 Wide Turns

Wide turns happen if a driver takes too broad of a turn, resulting in cars getting squished between the sidewalk and truck bed side.

#5 Rear-End

It can be difficult to stop when carrying heavy cargo. If a truck driver is not paying attention and does not stop within time, it can collide with a stopped vehicle ahead.

#6 Blind Spot

If a driver changes lanes unsafely, and a passenger car is within the vast blind spot, it can result in a crash.

#7 Under Ride

Perhaps one of the deadliest truck accidents, under ride happens when a truck stops too quickly and a passenger car driving behind gets wedged underneath the truck.

#8 T-Bone

If a truck driver was to run a red light or stop sign, it can crash into the side of a car driving in the perpendicular direction.

#9 Head-On

Head on truck accidents can happen especially on highways that have one lane in each direction. If the truck swerves out of lane, it can collide head on with another car at excessive speed.

#10 Lost Cargo

If cargo or freight is not securely locked into the bed, loads can fall out and become unsafe debree for vehicles driving behind the truck.

If you or someone you love is suffering injuries due to any of the above scenarios, a truck accident attorney can help. Act quickly, as your insurance company and outside parties will need a statement from you regarding the accident. Let a truck accident attorney offer guidance while handling your injury case. Call today.