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4 Ways a Personal Injury Claim May Impact Your Insurance Costs

Being injured in a car accident can change your life forever, especially when your injuries are severe enough to prevent you from returning to work or resuming the life you lived before the incident. Paying medical bills and other costs may feel overwhelming, especially when you believe the other driver was at fault and that his or her insurance company is responsible for coverage. If you plan to file a claim, you may want to understand how this action may affect your own insurance costs.

  1. A Lack of Personal Injury Protection 

If you do not have a personal injury protection clause in your car insurance policy, you may end up paying for your medical bills out of pocket if you cannot prove the other driver was responsible for the wreck. You may have opted out of PIP when you created your policy because of the added cost, but when compared to the cost of medical bills after a wreck, this add-on may be well worth it.

  1. Being Found at Fault 

While sound coverage may protect you in the event of an accident, filing a personal injury claim may cause your rates to rise if you are found at fault. For example, if you admit to being distracted at a stoplight because you looked at your phone to read a message and rear-ended the car in front of you, this would likely place you at fault for the wreck. While you still have the right to file a claim, this could cause a sharp rise in the cost of your premiums.

  1. The Insurance Adjuster’s Findings 

After an accident, an insurance adjuster will probably examine the details of the accident to determine who was at fault. He or she may take down your account of the wreck and examine both vehicles to determine whether your version or the other driver’s account matches with the damage he or she sees. If the adjuster finds you are at fault, your insurance costs may rise.

  1. The Cost of Future Policies 

Filing a personal injury claim may affect the cost of any insurance policy you take out in the future. Because driving history can impact how insurance companies view you, the conditions of your claim may impact the value of your premiums. Some car insurance organizations may be more willing to work with you regarding the total amount of your monthly payments if you were found at fault for an accident.

Filing a personal injury claim for a car accident can seriously affect the cost of your insurance, but there are ways to avoid an increase in premium payments. Speak to a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Davis & Brusca, LLC, today for further assistance and information.