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5 Steps to Take After a Construction Site Injury

Working in construction comes with its share of risks, but it’s an important industry that requires the skilled hands of professionals in various trades. When someone is injured on a construction site, there are specific measures that should be taken.


  1. Get Medical Help

Most of the injuries sustained on a construction site are going to be pretty serious. Many result from one of the “Fatal Four.” These are being struck by an object, getting electrocuted, falling, or being caught in something. When you’re injured by one of the Fatal Four, or from any other construction incident, it’s important to get immediate help with your injuries. Call 911 if the injuries are serious. If they’re minor, you could have someone drive you to the hospital for medical attention. Stay on top of follow-up appointments, take your prescribed medication, and keep a record of all your medical bills and doctor statements.


  1. Inform Your Employer

For workers’ compensation, you need to inform your employer of the incident right away. Not reporting the injury in time could result in you being unable to receive compensation. If you’re planning on suing the construction company, your employer should be informed of that as well.


  1. Call the Police

If your accident was the result of criminal activity, you should contact the police right away. Not only will this help to ensure the individual is taken care of, it ensures a police report is written so you have it as evidence in your case. You can request a copy of the report at the police department at a later time.


  1. Collect Evidence

You should take pictures of the area where your accident occurred to give insurers, lawyers and the court a good idea of what took place. You should also document your injuries with pictures, keep a file of your medical bills, and ask for contact information from the individuals who witnessed your accident. You might also want to start a health journal, documenting every symptom you experience and every way the accident affects your life. The things in your journal could help you seek damages for pain and suffering.


  1. Contact Your Lawyer

Construction site injuries often range from serious to extremely serious. If you were injured at work on a construction site, it’s important you have legal help on your side. Your lawyer can help you seek compensation from all the right parties. Contact a lawyer, to learn more about filing a lawsuit and receiving the compensation you deserve.