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Avoiding Common Estate Planning Missteps

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Estate planning is an undeniably important process. It helps to ensure that one’s wishes regarding asset distribution, medical care, burial and other matters related to one’s risk of someday being incapacitated by illness or injury and one’s eventual death are enforceable and ultimately respected. It can be an intimidating process, as few people feel at peace while contemplating a world in which they can no longer make their own medical/financial decisions and contemplating a world that they are no longer physically a part of. However, failing to embrace the critically important process of estate planning means that you run the risk that your wishes related to asset distribution, medical care, etc. will not be respected in the end. It is for this reason that it is important to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney in order to draft an enforceable estate plan. It is also important to work with an estate planning attorney instead of attempting to draft an estate plan on your own because professionals experienced in this area of law know how to avoid common estate planning mistakes.

How to Avoid Common Estate Planning Mistakes

If you work with an attorney to draft an enforceable estate plan, you will already be avoiding the biggest and most common estate planning mistakes of all – failing to create an estate plan and failing to ensure that your estate plan is enforceable. Kudos to you for being ahead of the pack!

If you work with an estate planning attorney with relative frequency over the course of your lifetime, you will also avoid another major (and all-too-common) estate planning mistake – failing to update your estate plan. Any element of your plan may potentially be contested by loved ones or interested third-parties if your wishes do not seem to be current. Updating your estate plan whenever your family structure, finances, state of residence and other major changes occur in your life is critical to ensuring that your wishes will ultimately be respected. Estate plans are living documents and are meant to evolve as your life circumstances evolve.

Estate Planning Guidance Is Available

If you have yet to create an enforceable estate plan, or your current estate plan needs to be updated, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney today. One of the surest ways you can hope to successfully avoid common estate planning missteps is to speak with an experienced attorney when you have questions and/or when your estate plan needs to be updated in any way. Too often, American adults either avoid the necessary process of estate planning completely or they fail to seek guidance when they need to. By working with an experienced attorney, you will be able to gain the peace of mind that accompanies knowing that your “affairs are in order,” that your loved ones are protected in the event that something happens to you and that your wishes are enforceable/will ultimately be respected. Please don’t wait.