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Brain Injuries After a Slip and Fall

Brain Injury Lawyer

Slip and fall accident victims are vulnerable to sustaining many kinds of injuries, whether that be broken bones to sprained ankles, or soft tissue damage to shoulder dislocations. Of the injuries that victims may sustain, head trauma is at the top of the list. Anyone who believes they may be injured after a slip and fall should get medical attention right away. Here are examples of ways a someone may have taken a fall:

  • A person tripped on a public sidewalk
  • A person fell in a retail store, museum, or other property
  • A person fell at someone’s rental or owned home

In all of these above scenarios, someone may not only fall, but hit their head on the way down or hard on the ground surface. Head injuries range in severity, from mild concussions to life-threatening brain inflammation. Based on the person’s condition, they may require intensive and continued treatment for quite some time, and others may not be able to return to the same health as they were prior to the incident. 


As someone is falling, their head may endure a blow or jolt that results in a concussion. This may happen even if the head had not directly struck anything, as impact of a substantial force can still injure the brain even if another area of the body was actually hit.


A bruising of the brain which leads to brain bleeding is called a contusion, and often occurs in those who fell and hit their head on an object. Contusions may be mild or critical, and may necessitate emergency surgical intervention to treat.

Closed Head Injury

Closed head injuries happen when there is damage to the brain itself but no exterior visible wound to the skull. Examples of closed brain injuries include torn brain blood vessels, brain inflammation, bruised brain tissue, and skull pressure.


If the head sustains a blow during the fall, the blood vessels of the outer brain may get damaged, causing a hematoma to form. This is a blood clot that applies pressure on the brain tissue, and if pressure is not relieved, the victim may have loss of brain function. Emergency care may entail surgery to alleviate pressure on the brain. 

A brain injury lawyer in Iowa from Des Moines Injury Law, LLP has seen how victims can suffer mentally and physically after a slip and fall accident. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a reputable law firm, such as ourselves, for a consultation on what to do next.