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Cell Phone Accidents

Despite the introduction of Bluetooth devices and other hands free apparatus’, as an experienced personal injury attorney Dekalb County GA can atest, cell phone users are still causing accidents on the road ways.   It’s not a surprise to many motorists that cell phone use likely increases distracted driving accident.  Many motorists could possibly share countless stories of how they saw a driver on a cell phone nearly cause an accident, and too many can relate how they or a loved one were actually injured in an accident involving a cell phone-using driver.  While many states have banned or restricted texting and handheld cell phone use in an effort to protect drivers from these serious accidents, recent research indicates that using a cell phone while driving increases the risk of accidents as many as four times over, even if the driver uses a hands-free device like a headset, and that going hands-free does not reduce the risk of an accident versus holding onto the cell phone.  

After countless studies, researchers believe that the increased risk is because the human brain needs all of its processing power to focus on the many little tasks needed to operate a car safely. When part of the brain is occupied with a phone conversation, it is not paying attention to the road; therefore, the driver can easily miss something that then leads to a serious accident.  Because of the additional focus needed to drive and the attention needed, it is advisable to place a notification or alert on your phone to advise callers that you are driving; most cell phones give you this option.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident, regardless the cause, if the fault is not yours, you should speak with a trained professional who can better advise you on your rights.  By contacting an attorney, you give yourself an opportunity to speak with someone who wants to see you get what you deserve and assist you with getting on the road to recovery both physically as well as financially.  An attorney will review the facts of the case, advise you on what the process entail, and give keep you abreast of what’s going on every step of the way. If you want the assistance of a trained professional who is aware of every letter of the law and is willing to do what you need to get you what you deserve contact an attorney.

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