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Common Injuries Among Factory Workers

It’s no secret that factories can be dangerous places to work at. There’s a lot of heavy machinery and other hazards that can cause injuries if workers aren’t careful. Workers who get injured while working at a factory have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim and get benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common injuries among factory workers:

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many factory workers have to do the same task over and over at their job every day. Over time, doing the same movements over and over can cause the soft tissues in the body to wear down. If these tissues are worn down, it’s common to experience pain and discomfort in your body, making it more difficult to work.

Machine Entanglement

Heavy machinery can be very dangerous to work around if you’re not careful. If you aren’t properly trained on how to use a machine or aren’t paying attention, you can get your clothes, arms or legs caught in there and get seriously hurt. When working with machines, don’t wear loose clothes or jewelry tie your hair up if it’s long.

Transportation Accidents

It’s common for factory workers to drive forklifts, trucks and other machinery around at work. This can put them at risk of injuries if they aren’t careful. That’s why it’s crucial for all factory workers to be properly trained on how to drive all of the machinery beforehand. Workers should also be very alert while behind the wheel and always be aware of their surroundings.

Falling Object Injuries

Falling object injuries are also very common in factories and can lead to severe head injuries. It’s important for workers to wear hard hats to prevent these injuries from occurring. To learn more about head injuries and compensations, you should contact a brain injury attorney in Atlanta, GA

Slips and Falls

Factory workers can also slip and fall on wet and slippery falls and get seriously injured. Liquid spills should be cleaned up immediately signs should be placed to warn workers about slippery surfaces. It’s also important for workers to wear proper footwear to avoid slipping and falling.

Inhaling Toxic Fumes

There are many chemicals used in factories and breathing them in can lead to skin and eye infections. It’s beneficial to wear protective equipment, like safety goggles, when exposed to these harmful chemicals.

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you were hurt while working at a factory, you should file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. Waiting too long can jeopardize your chances of getting a fair settlement for your injuries. If there are any complications in your case, such as an insufficient settlement or a boss who has retaliated against you, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer may be in your best interest. He or she may help improve your chances of getting the settlement you deserve and protect your legal rights.

The majority of workers’ compensation lawyers offer to speak to their clients at no cost the first time. That means there’s no risk in setting up a consultation with one.



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