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Compensation for Personal Injury Victims

Compensation for Personal Injury Victims

Personal Injury Lawyer Des Moines IA

Injuries are an inevitable part of our existence. It is important to accept this as we travel through life. Many of us will encounter situations where our personal safety is compromised, and we become seriously injured. The time following the unfortunate event of a serious injury can sometimes be one of the most challenging parts of the human experience. 

How we respond to such events varies widely, but it is important to be aware that if the injury was the fault of someone else, there are protections that are in place that can help hold those responsible for the injury accountable. If the person who is injured is able to prove that another party was liable for their injuries and damage to personal property, the victim can in many cases be compensated in an effort to help with the sometimes long and challenging road to recovering a sense of normalcy.

Following such an accident, victims of personal injury may have the option of seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer that specializes in the process of pursuing financial compensation or damages for losses sustained as a direct result of the injuries sustained.

What is medical treatment compensation?

Compensation for medical treatment

Following a serious injury, victims commonly require medical treatment. Damages that are awarded in personal injury cases commonly account for costs of medical care needed immediately following the injury, and the cost of future medical expenses related to the injury.

Lost wages & loss of earning potential

Serious injuries almost always render victims unable to earn a living. If someone else is responsible for causing such an injury, damages can be collected in the form of financial compensation that are intended to cover lost wages during the time it takes to recover. In the event that an injury renders a victim unable to work, or physical/mental capacities were compromised permanently, victims can be compensated based on anticipated losses, also referred to as “loss of earning potential”.

Property Loss

In some instances of personal injury, a victim can sustain damages to personal property in addition to bodily injuries. When this happens, victims can include damages to vehicles, clothing, housing, or other property in their claim, and be compensated in full or partially for their losses of hard-earned personal property.

What are pain and suffering damages?

Victims who suffer serious injury may experience serious discomfort. Through the process of unwillingly having to experience a high level of discomfort and all other challenges associated with it, victims can be compensated for what is referred to as “pain and suffering”. Although money cannot remedy the challenges that come with extreme pain and suffering, financial compensation can serve to some degree to make the victim more comfortable going forward through life, post injury.

If ever faced with an unfortunate, life-changing injury that was caused by the negligence of another person, party, or entity, there are options for victims and their families to be compensated for their losses.  

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