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Dog Dies After Pit Bull Attack

Dog Dies After Pit Bull Attack

A Des Moines poodle mix was fatally injured by two pit bulls, according to the dog’s caretaker. The two pit bulls escaped from their owner’s house and attacked the smaller dog, resulting in a punctured lung and a broken leg. After consulting with a local animal hospital, the difficult decision was made to put the dog down.

The pit bulls were eventually turned in by someone other than the owner, according to Des Moines police. There has been no news as to whether they have been put down yet.

This dog attack comes just months after a widely publicized Iowa dog attack. The earlier incident involved a boxer-hound mix, a 49-year-old woman, and a nine-month-old infant. The baby was killed in the attack, and the woman was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. The dog was put down after being caught by animal control.

There have been a number of recent, high-profile dog attacks that resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. Without proper socializing, dogs can behave unpredictably and attack owners and bystanders alike. Unfortunately, many dogs belong to owners who neglect to properly train them, and those poorly controlled dogs can lead to tragedy.

If you’ve been injured by a dog, you deserve compensation. Fortunately, a Des Moines, IA dog bite lawyer can help.

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At Des Moines Injury Law, we know how traumatic a dog attack can be. Aside from your physical injuries, you may experience long-lasting psychological challenges associated with the incident, and even when interacting with other dogs. And of course, a dog bite can lead to hefty medical bills that you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket.

When it comes to dog bites and compensation, you can’t sue a dog – but you can hold its owner accountable for negligence and a dangerous level of irresponsibility. After your dog attack, you shouldn’t foot the bill for your own medical treatment when your injuries can be traced directly back to someone else’s action – or inaction. That’s why getting in touch with a lawyer is an essential step on your road to recovery.

What About My Insurance?

While you may be able to count on your health insurance to pay for your treatment and care, there’s no guarantee that your insurance provider will pay out enough money, within a reasonable time frame. Getting in touch with a lawyer is oftentimes a necessity if you want to get the money you need for a full recovery, especially if your insurance provider is being stingy when you need them most.

Even aside from your medical care, you may be facing lost wages as a result of missing work. Depending on the severity of your dog bite injuries, you may need to take days (or even weeks) off from your job to recover and get proper treatment. This means missed paychecks, and a potentially difficult financial situation: You’ll still need to pay for your rent, your car, and any other regular payments, and without your income, it can be tough to stay afloat.

Getting in touch with a lawyer means getting compensation for your injuries. This compensation can help you cover the impact of your lost wages and medical care. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, there’s no time to waste – contact a lawyer today.