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The Emergence of Scholarly ePublishing in the Legal Field

Publishing legal standards have been a staple in the legal field for many years. Professional scholarly publishing has definitely begun to made its way into eBooks and eArticles, stepping out and onto a more modern platform. Historically, distributing information and content through online outlets has widely varied. Although online publishing has only been around for about ten or eleven years, it has proven to be extremely useful when digging up older archives. Ever since individuals have begun putting their own text files, books, articles and prints online, it has opened a whole new world for ebook publishing.

While information is readily available online these days, we cannot forget that not every individual is ready or willing to sit down at their computer screen and read for hours at a time. Yes, eReaders and digital dissemination of information are beginning to dominate the market, but many individuals in the legal field still prefer paper to screen.

The costs involved with publishing an eContent in the legal field are fairly low if you were to consider the cost of printing the same content. Imagine writing up a 40 page paper on copyright issues. To have it published in hardcopy form and go through the whole start up process that publishing hard copy entails can vary drastically. However, if you were to convert your publication to adobe formatting and place it on the web, the only costs you would incur are selling costs and the cost of adobe flash player. This is a good factor to consider because the distribution itself is often far cheaper (as it is a matter of moving one file to another computer or phone) and there are no printing costs, which can be a publisher’s biggest expense. Publishing of eContent within the legal field can be beneficial because instead of having to go into textbooks and rule books and manually searching for a topic or answer to a question, you can just search it digitally and get a hit instantly. The establishment of eContent as a respected form of scholarly publication in the legal field has been an extremely beneficial tool in providing quick information to those who need it.

Thanks to friends and contributors from Simba Information for their additional insight into professional and scholarly publishing.