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Filing for Catastrophic Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer

Sometimes, circumstances do not play out to our liking, often worse than we would be comfortable with. If you, or someone close, is injured in a way that demands justice, you may find yourself looking for a personal injury lawyer. Filing a lawsuit of this type may not come at an easy time, and you may not know the exact definitions, especially if the injury is so severe that it affects an individual’s mobility. This would be considered a catastrophic personal injury, but does the term “catastrophic” apply to your case, and how can you file?

What Is Considered Catastrophic?

Truthfully, there is no concrete legal definition of the term “catastrophic.” However, people have come up with a working guideline to help those seeking. It states, “any injury permanently inhibiting an individual to access work,” or an injury with “direct/immediate consequences.” This umbrella term works to cover a plethora of cases that may not fall so neatly into a black and white definition. If this were along the lines of “brain damage,” then a case with a lost limb would not be covered in a weaker definition. It is also considered anything that would mean a lifetime of medical care, long-term surgeries, or significant disability.

The hardship of caring for these individuals is a hallmark of these cases, regardless of the injury’s nature. These can range the gambit from the head to the feet, even emotional damage is considered a factor in these claims. Some examples of a “catastrophic” personal injury include:

  • Spinal column
  • Brain damage
  • Loss of limb
  • Severe burns
  • Organ damage

How to File

If you find yourself in this situation, it may call for a personal injury lawyer. While they may not be labeled catastrophic, they can see to the more severe cases. If your specific situation is catastrophic, and it was a result of negligence, you may opt to engage an attorney. The life-altering consequences of an injury like this may require more assistance from what the case can bring. However, it is not a requirement that you hire a lawyer.

Whichever route you take, the troubling times may pass with help from a won personal injury claim. First, determine the nature of your injury and if there are more contributing factors in your favor. Then, you may opt to hire a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer for assistance. While it is not set in stone that you must go to court, a good amount of help can come from filing a lawsuit. If you are unsure and need help, contact a local personal injury lawyer for clarification.



Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injury cases and things to know when filing a catastrophic injury claim.