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Find A Lawyer After Your Dog Bite Attack

In December 2022, a man was seriously injured and was fighting for his life in the hospital after two pit bulls attacked him. Late in the afternoon on a Thursday, police officers from the West Des Moines police department arrived at an apartment where the two dogs were viciously mauling their owner. In the unfortunate incident, the dogs were not deterred by the arrival of the police officers and the officers needed to shoot and kill one of the dogs in order to get them away from the victim. While the other dog fled the scene, it was later captured and no more information is known about what happened to the second dog. 

This is an example of how dogs, whether they have known behavioral issues or not, can suddenly turn on a person, including their owner. The police officers who arrived on the scene were able to provide medical aid to the victim until emergency response providers could get to the scene. Although it is not clear whether the man recovered from his injuries, it is crucial that people are careful around dogs and watch for warning signs that the dog is uncomfortable in a situation so that the person can avoid becoming injured. 

Help When You Were Attacked By A Dog

Understanding what steps to take when you are the victim of a dog attack can be complicated. Many dog attacks can be incredibly vicious and the victim may end up with life-threatening injuries and may need reconstructive surgeries. The team at Des Moines Injury Law understands that after a dog attack, you may have gone through such serious trauma that you are hesitant to be around dogs or even other domesticated creatures. In addition to the physical injuries the attack may have had on you, you may have deep emotional and psychological injuries as well. 

Following a dog attack, you may need to go through surgeries, hospital stays, rehabilitative care, and multiple forms of therapy. While this is not true with every dog attack, the range of needs following an attack like this can vary greatly. It is critical that you get medical and legal help. You do not want to leave the compensation you deserve up to chance and you want to hold the dog’s owner liable so that the dog will not harm someone else. To move forward with a claim, you should speak with a Des Moines, IA dog bite lawyer

Unlike some other states, Iowa does not follow the “one bite” rule. This means that when a dog injures someone else, the owner is responsible for the injuries sustained. When you are ready to file a claim for a dog bite injury you or a loved one sustained, you should call our office to see how we can help you move forward. While many dog bites end up causing little damage that does not have life-long consequences, others can be vicious and may leave permanent damage. For more information on how we can help, call our office now.