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Injured in a Car Accident?


car accident law firm Des Moines IACar Accident Law Firm Des Moines, IA


Have you been injured in a car accident? The car accident law firm Des Moines IA trusts of Des Moines Injury Law may be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Our attorneys have many years of experience handling car accident cases. We understand that the experience can be traumatic and emotional. In addition to the stressful experience of being in an accident, you now have to deal with the insurance companies. Unfortunately, many insurance companies make you jump through hoops and seem to drag their heels on any kind of settlement. In contacting us, at the Des Moines, IA car accident law firm of Des Moines Injury Law, we can help you navigate through the legal process of seeking compensation, will advise you on your options every step of the way and will tactfully and firmly handle the insurance companies. The fact is, in hiring an experienced attorney to represent you, you increase your chances of receiving the compensation that you deserve. You may be wondering what “compensation” means. The following information can possibly help you:

  •         Medical bills- this includes but is not limited to ambulance charges, current and ongoing doctor and therapy consultations and appointments, x-rays, CAT scans, MRI’s, surgery, medication, crutches, bandages, ice packs, etc.
  •         Car replacement or reparation- It can take several weeks for your insurance company to assess the damage to your car and determine whether it is a total loss or can be repaired. In the meantime, you will need to get to and from work, as well as, other activities in your life. You may need to rent a car or use public transportation. The cost of your temporary transportation as well as a new car or repairs to your car should all be considered potentially compensated expenses.
  •         Pain and suffering- this legal term refers to the impact that the accident has on you physically and emotionally. The impact may be related to the injury sustained and/or the trauma the incident had on you mentally. The car accident law firm in Des Moines IA of understands that not all injuries are physical. Many people experience flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety and stress on his or her relationships. In the event that you are experiencing any of these things as a result of your car accident we will fight for you to be compensated for it.
  •         Lost wages- this includes lost work due to the accident, immediate injuries and doctor/therapy appointments, as well as a long-term inability to perform your job as a result of the injury.

The fact is, being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience. When you sustain an injury in addition to the emotional impact of the accident, you can feel lost, overwhelmed and hopeless.  The Des Moines, IA car accident law firm, Des Moines Injury Law, can help guide you through the process of seeking the compensation that you deserve. Our experienced attorneys understand and know how to handle the insurance company’s methods of procedure and how to calculate the amount of money that you should receive. In having a car accident law firm in Des Moines IA on your side, you do not have to face this legal battle alone. Contact us today to set up a consultation.