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Injuries to Keep an Eye Out For After a Vehicle Accident

Statistically, over 2 million people per year become injured or disabled because of automobile accidents. Not all injuries are what people may expect, as some can be delayed and not surface until days or weeks after the crash. Those who have recently been victims in a car accident may want to get an exam by their physician immediately. The aches, pains, and discomforts felt in the days after may be signs that something more serious is going on underneath the surface. Additionally, if you choose to sue the driver who hit you for compensation, having documentation from your doctor for these accident-related injuries can help the legal team from the car accident lawyer in Des Moines, Iowa you decide to retain.

Q: What does it mean if I have a herniated disc?

A: The majority of people know that neck and back injuries are common for vehicle accidents. As an attorney from a Des Moines, IA car accident law firm can attest, many drivers experience some degree of whiplash due to the impact. Whiplash is when the head gets jolted back and forward, leading to overextension.

However, there are many other neck and back injuries that can stem from a car accident. For example, the force of the accident may cause the vertebrae tissue of the spine to rupture or balloon outwards, often referred to as a herniated disc. This injury applies pressure to the nerves near the spine, resulting in immense pain, numbness, and loss of muscle control.

Q: What are signs of a traumatic brain injury?

A: Traumatic brain injuries can occur if, during the accident, your head hit against something inside the vehicle. These injuries may lead to long-term damage of brain function. The tricky thing about a traumatic brain injury is that there may not be any external signs that this has happened.

For instance, a person with a brain injury may not have a physical wound or cracked skull, so he or she may assume no inner damage was done. That is, until symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, slurred speech, clear draining fluid from nose and ears, difficulty sleeping, and confusion start to arise in the hours or days after. A driver who suspects that he or she sustained a brain injury, must get to the nearest hospital right away. Tragically, there have been clients that our car accident law firm who have suffered serious disabilities from brain injuries they sustained in crashes.

Q: Is it possible that I injured my knee from the accident?

A: Yes, even though you were sitting when the collision occurred, your knees could still have endured trauma. A driver or passenger is often thrown forward from the force and may strike his or her knee against the dashboard. Or, a knee injury can happen if the driver slams on the brakes so hard that the knee was forcefully compressed. The driver may suffer from a shattered kneecap, cartilage damage, patellar chondromalacia, or torn meniscus. The knees may not appear in need of medical care until the driver notices heavy bruising, inflammation, and increased pain as the days pass by. The sooner a person gets medical treatment for an injury, the more likely he or she is to recover without complications.

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