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The Last Thing a Bicyclist Expects


Bicycle safety is crucial when it comes to partaking in traveling on two wheels. Those who ride either regularly or only every so often, should always take into consideration the risks associated with sharing the road with cars. Riders may have a lane designated specifically for them, but these sectioned areas of the street are not always available. So, in some places a bicyclist may have to ride within the flow of traffic. Most riders are aware of the chances of being hit by a car, but rarely anticipate it actually ever happening to them, something a bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah residents trust knows well.

What should I do if I am ever hit by a car while riding my bike?

Any person who has been hit by a car should never get back onto their bike immediately after. Try to remain calm, and call 9-1-1 for assistance. Your health should come first, so never let the driver trick you into thinking you are okay. The driver may try to lessen the severity of the accident out of fear of the possible consequences. Never permit the driver to leave until law enforcement has arrived, and can take over the situation from there.

Is calling the police and an ambulance required, even if I feel alright?

It is not required that you call for help from a police officer and medical team, but it is highly recommended. Being hit by a car can be a traumatic experience for most, and our bodies may respond with a rush of adrenaline. This naturally-produced hormone can disguise pain, until we have had time to calm down after the incident. So, it is best to get a medical evaluation even if you feel okay, just to confirm you have not sustained any life-threatening injuries.

What can I do to be more safe when out for a bicycle ride?

While a person cannot eliminate the chances of being hit by a car entirely, there are safety tips a bicyclist should consider to help prevent an accident. A bicyclist should never trust that all drivers will act with care and attention. Many drivers are distracted, speeding, or otherwise driving carelessly. And sadly, bicyclists often pay the price of this recklessness. Here are a few suggestions for being more safe as a bicyclist:

  1. Never wear headphones for music or talking on the phone while riding. This is not only a distraction for you, where you may miss potential threats on the road, but you may be unable to hear police or ambulance who need to pass.
  2. Purchasing clothing specifically for riding your bicycle, that is more bright and attention-grabbing to help drivers notice your presence.
  3. Buying reflectors or blinking lights, then attaching to either your clothing or bike, especially during night hours.
  4. Using hand signals to communicate quickly with car drivers and other bicyclists.
  5. Waiting until intense weather has cleared before going for a ride (including ice on road, heavy rain or snow).
  6. Never riding without a helmet and always keeping it buckled.



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