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Medical Malpractice Cases: Frequently Asked Questions

For most people who have been injured at the hands of a medical professional, taking legal action is likely to be a complicated and challenging experience. It’s common to have a number of questions in the wake of an injury, especially if you are considering whether or not your case requires the attention of an attorney. The following are frequently asked questions those considering a lawsuit may have. If you believe that you have been mistreated by a doctor due to medical malpractice, contact a professional, like a medical malpractice lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL relies on, soon.

How will an attorney value my case?

Perhaps one of the most pressing questions you may have is how much you stand to collect in damages and how the value of your case is determined. Determining the worth of your case takes a review of your specific case. Your attorney will take a look at the damages you stand to collect. They will primarily take a look at the physical pain and expense of your injury and the income you have lost and stand to lose in the future.

Why should I acquire an attorney?

Medical malpractice cases can be complicated and incredibly challenging. You will certainly need an attorney to help you in managing this. An attorney can help sort through the intricacies to your malpractice case. They often have an entire legal team at their fingertips to help prepare your case. They can also prepare you for court and negotiate with the opposing counsel’s attorneys. It is far more likely that you will receive an outcome that is favorable to you with the services of an attorney.

Should I accept a settlement or take my case to trial?

You will first need to determine if you are going to accept a settlement or go to trial. Although going to trial is risky and time consuming, the payoff is usually larger if you win. This is a weighty decision that you will certainly need to consult with your attorney around. While a settlement offer is almost always a guarantee, by taking matters to court, you risk walking away empty-handed. Can help consult with you surrounding your case to determine the best route to take.

How will an expert witness help my malpractice case?

An attorney will help you obtain an expert witness to consult on your case. You will require someone of this caliber to help prove your case. In cases of medical malpractice, the expert is likely to be a doctor or medical professional. It is important to begin working with an expert witness early on. In the event that your case goes to trial, they will be able to speak with to jury regarding the correlation of your injuries with the medical care you received. They will also speak to whether or not the doctor who treated you upheld their duty of care.

With years in putting the interests of our clients at the forefront, is the appropriate firm to take the lead on your case. When it comes to gathering the necessary information to make the most informed decisions for your case, we know you will have a number of questions.

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