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How much is my personal injury case worth in Des Moines, Iowa?

or a soft-tissue case, you shouldn’t expect fifty thousand dollars for your pain and suffering from a similar type of case.

There are, of course, factors that increase and decrease the likely amount of pain and suffering money you might receive and it is suggested that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer for more details.

Do You Have Lost Wages?

Unlike pain and suffering, lost wages are oftentimes easy to determine. Simply calculate how much has been lost in wages prior to settlement and determine if the injured party will continue to lose income following settlement and, if so, how much. The sum of those numbers equals the total lost wages. Remember however that your lost wages must be due to your injury and your inability to work must be supported by your doctor. Simply saying, “I can’t work”, is insufficient.

What Are Jury Verdicts For Similar Cases In Iowa?

Ultimately, when asking, “What is my personal injury case worth?” your lawyer must be well versed on jury verdicts in your “geographical area”. Knowing the range of jury verdicts in your specific county is important because, by way of example, a jury in Rice County, Iowa might typically award significantly more (or less) than does a jury in Polk County, Iowa. Your settlement demand should be in line with what a jury would likely do with your case. Insurance companies deal with risk and statistics and, therefore, if a typical Polk County jury awards twenty-five thousand dollars for a particular type of case, they aren’t going to willingly pay fifty thousand dollars for your similar type of injury.

Again, there are factors that might make your case worth significantly more or less than what juries are doing and you should speak with a personal injury lawyer for more details.

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