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Ongoing Physical Therapy For A Work-Related Injury

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When people think of workers’ compensation, they immediately think of a traumatic accident where machinery malfunctions and an employee’s arm must be amputated. Workers’ compensation benefits actually provide employees with damages awards for any number of injuries that might occur in the workplace, including (but not limited to) severe allergic reactions, minor fractures, psychiatric assistance, or even chiropractic care in some cases. What if a work-related injury results in physical therapy that lasts for months? Will workers’ compensation cover the expenses of ongoing physical therapy?

Workers’ Comp Insurance And The Fight For Ongoing Medical Treatment

Every employer is required by state law to have workers’ compensation insurance, which covers the medical expenses of an employee after a work-related injury – whether it was the employee’s fault or not. It also protects employers against personal injury lawsuits from employees. However, if an employee requires long-term medical care, such as physical therapy, then the workers’ comp insurance company may be skeptical, since ongoing physical therapy tends to be expensive.

Workers’ comp insurance companies will do everything in their power to prove that your injury that requires physical therapy was acquired before the reported incident at work. For example, an employer’s workers’ comp insurance will most likely go through all medical records of an employee claiming to have a work-related injury that is in need of physical therapy. If the medical records show that there was an injury prior to the incident at work. So, if you have a knee injury that is a pre-existing condition that gets worsened by a work-related incident, then your medical records showing the knee injury may hinder you from getting physical therapy expenses compensated through workers’ comp.

To obtain workers’ comp benefits for ongoing physical therapy for a work-related injury, you must prove that the injury was directly caused by a work-related incident. Proving the legitimacy of a work-related injury to workers’ comp insurance companies may prove harder than you may think. It is advised to consult with an experienced attorney immediately after sustaining a work-related injury – especially if the injury requires long-term physical therapy.

Contact An Attorney

If your employer has denied your rights to workers’ compensation, it is advised to contact an attorney that specializes in workers’ comp claims. If the workers’ comp insurance refuses to award benefits for an injury that was a direct result of the workplace, then you may want to file a lawsuit against your employer for personal injury. All states have different laws on personal injury claims against employers, though, and can become complex and difficult in court. That is why an attorney that is knowledgeable on the state laws regarding workers’ comp will greatly improve your chances of gaining rightful compensation for injuries. If you were injured on the job, you should not have to suffer alone through a personal injury lawsuit. Contact the best construction accident lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin to ensure that you are taking the proper steps for your well-being.


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