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Possible People or Entities That Could Be Included in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

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When you’re involved in a trucking accident, the results are typically devastating. Not only could you have experienced serious injuries, someone you love could have died, and you’ll always have high expenses due to property damage and medical bills. Who can you sue in a truck accident lawsuit?

The Truck Owner

Many truck drivers drive for a particular company. For example, someone may haul freight for a delivery service, while another might haul for a grocery store. The delivery service probably owns their own trucks and the grocery store probably owns their own trucks. In some cases, a different company owns the cab than the company that owns the trailer, so you may be able to include both in the lawsuit.

The Freight Owner

There’s a possibility the owner of the freight was the liable party for your trucking accident. Perhaps the freight was a dangerous material. Maybe the freight owner didn’t distribute the weight properly in the truck when it was loaded. There are a lot of possibilities, and it usually takes a lawyer with excellent skills to pull this off.

The Truck Driver

Some truck drivers are responsible for maintenance of their trucks. Others actually own their trucks. Others may have been driving erratically. In any case, there are certain situations in which the driver of the truck is the liable party for the crash and the person you would name in your lawsuit.

The Trucking Company

Regardless of who owns the truck or the freight, it is often the trucking company that is responsible for the accident. Perhaps the company the driver works for required him or her to deliver a load in an unreasonable amount of time, which resulted in drowsy driving and an accident. Perhaps the trucking company failed to perform regular maintenance or other repairs on the truck. Maybe the trucking company didn’t take certain safety precautions or failed to hold the driver to specific standards. You may be able to sue the trucking company in these situations.

The Truck Manufacturer

There’s also the chance the truck was manufactured incorrectly. Perhaps someone was asleep on the job so the truck didn’t go together correctly. Perhaps a part should have been recalled, but wasn’t, due to someone’s error. In these types of situations, you could sue the manufacturer.

Getting Your Lawyer’s Help

Regardless of the role you played in the trucking accident you were involved in, you need legal representation. Contact a truck accident lawyer, like from MartinWren, P.C., today for the help you require.