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Pregnancy and Car Accidents: What You Should Do?

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Being pregnant seems to come with a lot of worries, so you probably don’t want to add another thing to your plate. It’s important you are prepared, however, should you get in a car accident. The following are some things you should do so you and your baby are well taken care of in the case of a car accident while you’re pregnant.

Seek Medical Attention

In many cases the baby will be just fine, but there are instances in which the baby is injured. A jolt can disrupt the placenta and cause it to break away, which is quite dangerous. Even if you feel the accident wasn’t bad or didn’t cause you any obvious discomfort, always go to the emergency room right away, then follow up with your Ob/Gyn within the timeframe recommended by the emergency room physician. You may want to drive yourself to the hospital after your accident, but sometimes it’s best to accept a ride in the ambulance, just to be sure you get there without further complications.

Take It Easy

Your physician will probably recommend some things for you to do or not to do following your accident. More than likely taking it easy will be on the “to do” list. Your body is already doing a lot by growing a baby, so after an accident, you’ll need some rest. Sometimes overdoing it will cause more stress to you and the baby, so let someone else do the housework and just put your feet up for a while.

Pay Attention to How You Feel

It’s possible you’ll go see a physician and everything will check out fine with both you and the baby. Upon being home for a few days, you may begin to feel that something is not quite right. Maybe the baby stopped moving for too long or maybe you are feeling a different kind of pain in your back than you had before. Perhaps you started bleeding five days later. In any case, pay attention to your body and call your doctor to see what you should do next.

Get Legal Help

Whether the accident was your fault or someone else’s, it’s important you have the assistance of a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, who can help you navigate the claims process and anything else you’ll be facing. Contact an attorney today to learn more or to get started on a case against the responsible party or against a party that might be suing you for causing the accident. In either case, you’ll want that legal help on your side.



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