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Reasons for Hiring a Bicycle Accident Lawyer After a Wreck

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle riders are particularly vulnerable to accidents. Because they are exposed while moving at high rates of speed, collisions can be especially devastating. Any cyclist who’s hurt due to someone else’s negligence should seek compensation in a court of law. You need a lawyer to help with your case, but not just any lawyer. It’s best to secure a representative who’s familiar with the sport. Here are a few reasons why.

Traffic Laws

The individual responsible for your wreck was likely not obeying traffic laws specific to respecting bike riders. One can read about these legal concepts and have a general knowledge regarding what they mean, but there is no substitute for experience. A lawyer who’s ridden alongside motorized vehicles while biking comprehends what that’s like. Contending with minivans and trucks while biking can be frightening, as well as intimidating. Pick an attorney who’s pedaled in your cycling shoes.

Cyclist Movements

Those who do not ride bikes are often unaware of the speeds they are capable of reaching. The odds are they’re also oblivious to how riders must adjust their riding style to avoid obstacles. Attorneys who cycle are cognizant of these factors. They use this knowledge to build an unimpeachable case that the bike’s operator was acting appropriately.

Damage Assessments

The warping that a bicycle endures after a crash often tells a lot. Bicycle accident lawyers understand bike components and how they are structured. This expertise informs their analysis of what transpired. By examining the damage to your bike, your attorney may be able to have the event reconstructed. This information is handy when proving to a judge that fault lies with the defendant. They know how to preserve this evidence, as well as present it effectively.

Biking Passions

Attorneys who love cycling understand how much the sport can mean to someone who is an avid rider. If you are injured to the extent that you’re no longer able to ride, the emotional impact can be crushing. You have the right to ask a court to factor this loss into your compensation. An attorney with joy for biking is bound to make a better argument for pain and suffering than one without such experience.

Cycling is a delight that millions enjoy. Unfortunately, the ability to indulge in bike riding can disappear in the blink of an eye. When this occurs, you should seek justice. For best results, hire a lawyer who adores the hobby as much as you.

If it is concluded that seeking compensation by means of legal action, experts recommend hiring a bicycle accident lawyer who is licensed in the state in which the accident occurred. For example, if you were in a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle, a bicycle accident lawyer such as one from Norris Law, may be hired to assist with the legal proceedings. A local lawyer will be able to answer questions about your case, taking into account state traffic laws.