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Responding to Domestic Abuse Allegations

Responding to Domestic Abuse Allegations

If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is extremely important that you approach each of your decisions right now with great caution. As an experienced criminal defense attorney – including those who practice at the Morales Law Firm – can confirm, anyone who has been accused of a domestic violence offense can undo a potentially successful defensive legal strategy simply by posting the wrong thing online, contacting the alleged victim for any reason, or otherwise casting doubt on the idea that they might be innocent.

“But I am innocent!” you may be thinking. “I shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone!” It is important to understand that “should” and “need to” are two different things. Regardless of whether the circumstances you’re facing are unjust or not, you’ll need to mount a successful defense to these allegations before you can resume your daily activities without carefully thinking through every single one of them. For now, you’ll need to exercise great caution when speaking, engaging online, and connecting with others.

If You’re Subject to an Order of Protection

If your alleged victim has secured an order of protection against you, do not violate its terms. Period. Follow them to the letter. If there is something in this order that is affecting your ability to gain access to something you need (personal property being stored at the alleged victim’s residence, the ability to see your children), speak with an attorney and they can advise you as to how you can get what you need without breaking the terms of the protection order. The consequences of breaking this order are simply not worth whatever you would gain temporarily by infringing upon its terms.

Moving Forward

If you have not yet spoken with a lawyer about the charges that you’re facing, don’t waste any more time in accomplishing this critically important task. It is not a good idea to “DIY” your criminal defense. The stakes are too high and the nature of the situation are too personal and emotional for you to handle this situation on your own.

Work with a criminal defense lawyer in your area who has extensive experience navigating domestic violence cases. And if you have questions about how you should be handling certain situations in the meantime (for example, should you be staying off social media right now? Probably.) you can ask your attorney for guidance so that you can handle this challenging time with as much grounded confidence as you can muster.