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Suffering a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall refers to a personal injury case in which an individual slips and falls on another person’s property. These types of accidents can happen in a variety of places, including schools, grocery stores, outside of homes and festivals. Victims can suffer a wide range of injuries from slip and fall accidents, including head injuries, broken bones, lacerations and spinal injuries. If you recently got hurt in a slip and fall accident, you may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer from [law firm name].

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents happen every day for a number of different reasons. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common causes of slip and fall accidents:


  • Liquid Spills: When juice, milk or other liquids are spilled on the floor, they create a tripping hazard. These spills are common in places like grocery stores and cafeterias. These spills should be cleaned up promptly so that no one gets hurt.
  • Freshly Mopped Floors: While it’s necessary for property owners to mop their floors regularly, they can be quite slick. That’s why it’s important for property owners to put up warning signs that the floors are damp.
  • Torn Carpeting: After frequent use, carpeting can eventually get torn. When there are tears in the carpeting, people can easily trip. Property owners should properly maintain their carpets and fix tears as soon as possible.
  • Worn Out Stairs: Stairs are another common place slip and fall accidents occur. If the stair edges get rounded due to frequent use, people are more likely to trip and get hurt.


Proving Fault in a Slip and Fall Claim

In order to receive compensation in a slip and fall claim, you must be able to prove fault. The property owner must have created the dangerous condition, knew that the dangerous condition existed and failed to repair it or should have discovered the hazardous condition before an accident occurred. Proving fault in these cases can be tricky, so it’s essential to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Scheduling a Consultation With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident, it’s in your best interest to talk to a reputable slip and fall lawyer Milwaukee, WI relies on as soon as possible. You only have so much time to file a claim and you don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to get the compensation you deserve.

During your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer, he or she will ask for details about your slip and fall accidents, such as where it occurred and what types of injuries you suffered. Be sure to be detailed in your responses. If you have any evidence pertaining to the case, like medical records or photos, bring them with you to the meeting.

Many personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations, so there is no risk to speaking to one.



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