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Who Suffers Worst Injuries in an Accident, the Motorcyclist or Car Driver?


When an accident between a motorcyclist and a car driver occurs, the rider is significantly more likely to suffer from terribly agonizing injuries or even death. In today’s world, we can often be found rushing to and from without really living in the present moment. In a society of distraction, car drivers may be busy on their cell phone or playing a game instead of watching out for others around them. In the article below, we have examined this issue further, as to why motorcyclists are so vulnerable when on the road and what you can do to seek compensation for an accident.

What makes a motorcyclist so vulnerable when sharing the road with cars?

Imagine an accident between an average sized vehicle and a motorcyclist. What do you notice? It may be obvious to note that the rider does not have anything to protect the body from harm except for the gear on his or her back. While this gear may have sturdy reinforced materials, it does not quite measure up to the protection that an encompassing shield of steel can offer. In even the luckiest of circumstances, a motorcyclist hit by a car may still walk away with serious scrapes and sprains.

What is the biggest threat to motorcyclists?

Perhaps the number one threat to motorcycle riders is the car driver. On average, is it estimated that a person checks their phone 50 to 75 times per day. This addiction to cell phone use can be a huge contributing factor in why motorcycle accidents happen. A driver may check their phone several times a day, and this compulsion may not stop when behind the wheel. Even when all eyes are on the road, a car driver may still not always see a motorcyclist riding nearby. So, if all eyes are taken away from what is happening ahead even for a split second, it can lead to disaster in which the motorcyclist suffers the most.

How should I respond if I get hit by a car?

If you, a motorcyclist riding buddy or another loved one is ever hit by a car, you should call 9-1-1 immediately. Chances are, there are at least moderate injuries sustained that require medical attention. The car driver may try to convince you to not call the police, out of fear of being arrested or other consequences. If you are of stable health, exchange information with the driver and do not engage in a debate as to who is the person at-fault for the crash.

What can an attorney do for me?

Many riders who have become victims in an accident, may turn to an attorney for some legal advice. It may be possible to file a civil lawsuit against the driver who hit you, if he or she was responsible for the accident. A car accident lawyer DC turns to can provide a consultation to help you decide if you want to seek compensation or not. You may be entitled to receiving retribution for medical expenses, loss of wage from being out of work due to injuries, bike repairs, and more.



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