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Take Action After A Motorcycle Accident

As a motorcycle rider, you know that being on the road can be dangerous. Unlike cars and trucks, you are not in a metal box or frame that has airbags in different directions that can protect you should another vehicle run into you. Instead, you are left with a helmet, a small amount of safety gear, and nothing else. Even if you are extremely vigilant when you are on the road and take great care to look for other drivers who may not be driving safely, it is still possible that someone else will be acting carelessly and crash into you. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, you should not be stuck paying medical bills or hoping that your own insurance comes through. You should work with a lawyer you can rely on during this time to help you with your claim.

What kind of action should you take following a motorcycle accident? 

Following your accident, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you have what you need for the recovery process and your motorcycle accident claim. A seasoned Des Moines, IA motorcycle accident lawyer understands that if you do not take certain actions, you may not receive the compensation you fully deserve. This could mean that you are left covering certain medical bills or that you will need to pay for things like physical therapy out of pocket. It is crucial that you do not leave your claim in your own hands. 

  • Follow your doctor’s orders. Let’s say you go to your doctor after the accident and get examined. You may think this is all you will need for your claim. After all, your doctor has examined you, said that your injuries need treatment, and stated your injuries are consistent with your motorcycle accident. However, if you do not follow your doctor’s orders carefully, an insurance agent could easily say that you weren’t as injured or that you do not deserve compensation for future medical bills that may not be necessary had you listened to your doctor.
  • Talk with your employer. One type of compensation you may need is compensation for lost wages. This doesn’t mean you simply don’t show up to work and hope that you get paid for your lost time. You need to inform your employer of what happened so that necessary accommodations can be made. This may mean that you come back to work in a limited capacity or not at all until you are fully healed.
  • Get evidence from the scene of the accident. One of the most important things you can do–if you are physically able to–is to gather evidence from the scene of the accident. Accident scenes can be cleaned up quickly and once things begin to move around you are already losing evidence. Take pictures, take videos, and jot down notes as soon as you can. This can be crucial to your motorcycle accident case.

When you are ready to move forward with your motorcycle accident claim, speak with a trusted law firm like Des Moines Injury Law today.