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Transitioning Into a Divorced Household

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While divorce can be difficult for adults, it is especially challenging for children. Most kids will blame themselves or feel some form of resentment. It is important not to avoid feelings of discomfort and to find a way to address them in a healthy way. However, the best way to help children cope is to limit the number of changes they need to make and to set up a schedule that is fair and supportive of their needs. There are at least five ways to accomplish a healthy transition into a divorced household.

  1. Dividing Time Equally

When possible, make sure that your kids get to spend equal time with each parent. Do not divide a schedule into weekdays and weekends. While traditional plans like this have been used, it is often unfair to one parent, instead of dividing weeks into a two-day and five-day shift, alternate, so each parent spends equal days with the children. Similar time schedules can be challenging for parents that live far from each other, so proximity has to be considered.

  1. Creating Two Homes

It is necessary for your kids to feel at home wherever they lay their heads at night. A possible solution to having two houses to call home is to give them control over their spaces. Make sure that they have a hand in designing them. Some experts may even suggest making sure that each room resembles the other, meaning to copy as much as possible.

Another option for those who can afford it is to have a shared house. In these divorce arrangements, the children never leave their home; instead, the parents alternate between an apartment and the house, maintaining a stable environment for the kids.

  1. Considering Children’s Schedules

You must also consider school schedules. Does your kid have sports practices? What about band? Each parent needs to adapt to their children’s schedules.

  1. Considering Holidays and Vacations

Who gets the kids during holidays and vacations? Many divorced couples will alternate between holidays. Deciding on vacations is another more serious conversation.

  1. Building Healthy Boundaries and Relationships

It is necessary to establish a healthy working relationship with your spouse for the sake of the children. You must place boundaries on conversations and have respectful interactions to benefit the kids.

Divorce is difficult, but it is often the most challenging for children. Contact a divorce attorney, like a divorce lawyer from Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols, to discuss the basics of visitation and child custody schedules.