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Why a Truck Accident Can Be Much Worse Than a Car Accident

Truck Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons an accident with a semi-truck can be much more detrimental than one with a car. Beyond the simple physical weight and size difference, complications can arise afterward when determining who is at fault and how to prove it. Insurance works on a larger level for trucks than that of privately-owned vehicles, and the process can be much longer with more of a fight. Here are the main ways car accidents vary from truck accidents.

Size and Weight

Unsurprisingly, the damage caused by a truck accident can be far worse than one involving smaller vehicles. The huge difference between a car’s size and weight and that of a truck’s is substantial, and more damage is likely to be done when a truck is involved. Overall, trucks make up a smaller percentage of total road accidents than cars, but when they do occur, they cause greater harm.


Numerous factors go into a truck driver’s insurance. Considering that this is their profession and they’re driving a company vehicle, policies need to cover a broad range of potential issues. The amount paid to insurance each year varies depending on your ownership and leasing status. Higher payments normally consider the driver’s age, experience and history, as well as the cargo being hauled, the value of the truck and the distance traveled. To make matters worse for those injured by negligent truck drivers, these polices can be worth millions of dollars in the event of an accident, and an insurance agency may be more likely to fight you in court over claims to keep the payout lower.


Finding someone liable for your accident can be harder than a simple driver negligence case. For trucks, the driver may not be the only one at fault, if he or she is even at fault at all. There are many regulations in place to prevent negligence — like limiting the operating hours of a driver without rest or determining the amount of cargo that can be hauled at a time — and the driver, trucking company or manufacturer could be held responsible for breaking a law. If the driver was intoxicated, he or she could be found guilty; but if a mechanical issue with the truck caused the accident, and it could have been avoided by a regularly scheduled checkup, the company or manufacturer could be sued.

Regular car accident cases are challenging enough to handle on your own, but trying to navigate the extra laws and required proof of a truck case can be incredibly difficult without a lawyer. Having a catastrophic injury lawyer in Trenton, NJ to represent your case may be your best chance at fighting the insurance company and winning your rightful compensation.



Thanks to Davis & Brusca, LLC for their insight into personal injury claims and why truck accidents can be so devastating.