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What Are Human Rights, and How Are They Violated?

Every person is entitled to human rights, where they are free from torture, can freely express themselves, and have the right to seek asylum. When these rights get disregarded or violated, the victim may experience physical and mental anguish. Human rights violations may happen indirectly or directly and can either be inflicted by the state or from failing to prevent violations. There are many hands that may play a part in the violation of human rights, including law enforcement, government officials, judges, or other related parties.

Political and Civil Rights

Civil and political rights may be violated due to arbitrary arrest, torture, or genocide. These violations frequently occur during times of war and unrest. Violations of human rights are not always connected to certain conflicts or periods and can happen at any time and place.

Cultural, Social, and Economic Rights
Examples of cultural, social, and economic rights include the right to have employment, the right to receive education, and the right to have mental and physical wellness. These rights may be violated in the following ways:

  • Evicting people from their homes
  • Denying health services
  • Contaminating water
  • Failing to offer maternity leave
  • Segregating students due to disability
  • Forbidding the use of indigenous/minority languages
  • Discrimination at work due to gender, race, sexual orientation

Those who suspect that their human rights have been violated must speak with a lawyer seasoned in civil rights about what to do next. Victims may be entitled to compensation and justice for all they have been through. To begin taking action, contact a civil rights lawyer from Des Moines Injury Law now.