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What Are Your Rights When a Motorcycle Accident Was Caused by a Defective Part or Mechanical Failure?

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The majority of motorcyclists go to great lengths to take the time to make sure their vehicle is well-maintained and often inspected. This is because experience riders know that one of the main components of staying safe on a bike is to make sure that the tires are properly inflated, all fluids are at the correct levels, and all warning lights are working. Unfortunately, no matter how well a rider takes care of their motorcycle, mechanical failure can still occur and result in a tragic crash.

There are certain types of mechanical issues that occur more often than others and these often are discovered during a motorcycle crash investigation. The following issues are the most common:

Negligence on the part of the mechanic: The majority of vehicle owners, including motorcycles, are not knowledgeable regarding the workings of how the vehicle works. Vehicle owners depend on mechanics to diagnose the problem when something goes wrong and to correctly repair the problem, so the vehicle can be operated safely. If a mechanic fails to perform these repairs and maintenance properly and the motorcycle crashes as a result, a motorcycle accident lawyer could find the grounds to pursue damages against the mechanic.

Defects in the design of the motorcycle: There are many instances where the design of a vehicle has a flaw which causes mechanical issues in the vehicle that can be dangerous. If a crash occurs as a result, the company that designed the motorcycle could be held liable for damages due to their negligence.

Defects in the manufacturing or transporting of the motorcycle: Defects can also occur as a result of some type of negligence on the part of the manufacture or the defect could have occurred as the bike was being transported from the manufacturer to the dealer where the bike was sold. This leaves either the manufacturer or transport company liable for any losses the victim suffers from injuries because of a crash caused by the defective part.

Proving Negligence

Defective product claims can be difficult to prove because it is not uncommon for insurance companies and lawyers for these companies often try to blame the motorcycle owner, alleging that the mechanical failure was caused by the owner’s failure to maintain the bike. This is why vehicle owners should always keep records and receipts of all work they have had done on the vehicle. Your motorcycle accident attorney can use this documentation as part of the evidence proof in your case. It is also smart to always hire qualified technicians and mechanics to perform any work needed on your motorcycle. Hiring someone who works out of their house and only wants to be paid in cash can leave victims without acceptable proof that they made sure their vehicle was maintained and repaired properly.

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