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What Can I Do When I Get in an Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road?

Car Accident Attorney

Hazardous road conditions are responsible for a surprising number of accidents. Bicycle and motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to injuries, but dangerous roads also cause serious car accidents and the need for a car accident lawyer.

Some roads are dangerous because of poor design. For example, the government might be liable for failing to display warning signs when drivers are approaching a hairpin turn. Failing to install a guardrail or installing a defective guardrail can also contribute to a deadly highway accident.

Roads can also be dangerous because of poor maintenance. Potholes, deep cracks in the road, and roads that explode in the heat are problems that governments have a duty to correct. When the government knows about a danger but does nothing to correct it, state law usually allows accident victims to pursue compensation for injuries that can be attributed to the road condition.

First Steps After Getting in an Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road

Taking care of your health is the most important response to an accident caused by a dangerous road. If you need emergency treatment or are uncertain of your ability to drive yourself to a hospital, call 911 and ask for an ambulance. Paramedics will evaluate your condition and will advise you of your need for emergency care.

It is important to follow the advice given by paramedics. Accidents are disorienting. You might not realize the extent of your injuries. Some injuries, like brain swelling and internal bleeding, might not cause severe pain until it is too late to prevent death.

Don’t worry about the cost of ambulance transportation or an emergency room visit. Hospitals are required to provide emergency care for serious injuries that are severe or life-threatening. You can be billed for services, but you cannot be denied care until your condition has been stabilized.

Steps to Take at the Scene of an Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road

Make sure to notify the police if you were injured in an accident. Unless you need to leave the scene to obtain emergency health care, you should stay at the scene until the police arrive.

The investigating officer will probably take photographs of the road condition that caused the accident. To be sure that evidence is preserved, however, you should take your own pictures. Cellphone camera photos are better than no photos. Take shots of vehicle damage, the location where the accident occurred, and the dangerous road condition that caused the accident.

If witnesses saw the accident, try to get their names and phone numbers. Your personal injury lawyer may want to take their statements while their memories are still fresh.

Don’t have your car repaired and don’t give it to your insurance company for salvage until you talk to a lawyer. The car and its “black box” may constitute important evidence. You can harm your case by failing to preserve evidence that could prove how the accident happened.

Following Through on Medical Care After an Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road

Medical treatment should not end with emergency care. Following through on all recommended treatment is vital to a complete recovery. Consult your health insurer to determine your options for selecting a primary care physician. If you have no insurance, your accident lawyer can give you advice about how to obtain medical care.

Busy people might not want to take time out of their lives to visit specialists, undergo time-consuming tests, or participate in physical therapy. If you don’t obtain recommended treatment, however, the government or its insurer will argue that your injuries must have healed. You hurt your ability to obtain full compensation for a road-related injury if you do not follow your doctor’s advice.