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What Happens After Filing a Civil Rights Claim? 

What Happens After Filing a Civil Rights Claim? 

When it comes to civil law the laws are there to help prevent discrimination and protect the rights of the people in minority groups, but also the public as a whole. In most cases, these laws apply to the government directly, but other rules help prevent discrimination in education, housing, employment, and public accommodations. If you have had your rights violated, you may be able to file a complaint with the proper government agencies or file a lawsuit. 

Before you do any of that you have to find a civil rights lawyer and that is where Des Moines Injury Law, LLP can come in. The dedicated team is well versed in civil law and will give your case the attention that it deserves. 

After Filing a Civil Rights Claim 

What happens after is going to depend on the procedures and expectations on the type of civil rights complaint. For the most part, you can expect that there is going to be an investigation. It probably won’t be right after failing your complaint but once your claim is gotten to they will typically go further and research the issue. They will investigate the company, individual, or institution that is said to have discriminated against you. In some cases, these investigations can be huge and the agency may find multiple issues of discrimination.

If the individual, company, or institution did discriminate against you or others, they may hold hearings and punish the ones responsible. Typically, this could mean finding them or requiring new policies to correct past mistakes. In cases where there is a bigger issue, there could be more severe consequences. 

While all of that is going on you and your lawyer can file a lawsuit in court to seek a claim for the damages done by the discrimination. In most cases, this is where you would truly seek justice. The type of relief that you can get will vary depending on what happened. In many cases the relief is monetary but there are other forms of relief as well. It is truly going to depend on what kind of discrimination happened. If you were fired from your job unjustly then you could get the money back for the lost wages. However, if you were expelled for your sex then you could get the order to return back to class. 

The cases are going to vary and that means the relief will vary too. Talk to your lawyer to find out what you can expect but also to make sure you can get the relief you need. 

With each case being so varied it can be hard to know what to expect. Talking to your civil rights lawyer is the most accurate way to know what could happen. They have the experience and education to help you through filing a claim and making sure you get the relief you need in the long run.