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What is the motivation of an insurance adjuster?

As a personal injury lawyer in Des Moines, IA from Des Moines Injury Law, LLP recommends to clients, never trust an insurance adjuster. These are representatives who determine the amount of money the insurance company should pay out to you as a result of a personal injury accident. The adjuster performs an evaluation by hearing your version of what happened, using evidence on hand, and other variables. 

As you can imagine, insurance adjusters have a big role in people’s lives and hold much power in their hands. But sadly, they often don’t use this duty for good, and may try to unfairly reduce or deny your claim altogether. 

What is the motivation of an insurance adjuster?

Always remember that adjusters work for insurance companies. This means, they are biased towards reducing how much they pay to you by the fullest extent possible. Despite insurance companies existing for distributing money to those who have been wronged and need it, at the end of the day an adjuster is probably going to be a penny-pincher.

How may an insurance adjuster try to manipulate me?

Even the most kind and professional of an adjuster is likely to stil be watching out for the best interests of the insurance agency, and not you as the victim. They may try to manipulate you by saying you don’t need a lawyer. Don’t believe this. In fact, many insurance agents will become more cooperative and giving when they know a lawyer is involved. This is because a lawyer understands the victim’s rights to compensation, and will put up a fight for their client if need be. 

Another way an adjuster may take advantage is by requesting to see your medical records from the start. You may have to show these records at some point while the claim is being handled, however, you must not give them to an adjuster unless your lawyer suggests doing so. Depending on what the medical document says, it may be twisted or misconstrued in a way that hinders your claim. 

What if the adjuster wants me to settle quickly?

The insurance adjuster knows that you are exhausted from the entire ordeal of an accident, and want more than anything to get money and just move on. They may use this fact to apply pressure in accepting a low offer right away, so they don’t have to pay you more as your losses and damages continue to mount. As your lawyer may suggest, it’s best to refrain from speaking with an adjuster until you have a legal representative guiding you. 

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