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When does a personal injury qualify for a claim for compensation?

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If you are suffering from a serious injury, you may be wondering if a personal injury claim or a lawsuit might result in you receiving compensation for your medical bills and other damages. This is a question that our personal injury lawyer is often asked. The answer will depend on a number of variables discussed below. If you have lingering questions about seeking compensation after reading the information provided, we encourage you to contact a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can review the circumstances of your case and discuss your options for filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against those responsible for your injury.

When trying to determine if a personal injury claim or a lawsuit is warranted, your case must meet several criteria. You can discuss this in more detail with our personal injury lawyer. Here are some of the questions that may be asked of you:

Was your accident caused by your own action, or due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence?

If you were injured because of your own actions, then you will need to file a claim with your own health insurance company. If you suffered your injury while at work, you will need to file a claim with your company’s workers compensation insurance carrier. However, if someone else caused the accident, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim with their insurance carrier or against them directly. A personal injury lawyer Trenton, NJ trusts can advise you as to how best to proceed to recover your damages from another party.

Did you suffer a serious injury?

If you do not require medical care of some kind, whether it’s physical or emotional, then you will likely not have grounds to file a personal injury claim. It can be highly advantageous to hire a personal injury lawyer if you suffered an injury that requires long term or costly medical treatment. It’s in cases like these that the insurance carrier will likely balk at offering a fair settlement because that would represent an enormous amount of money.

Was your personal injury claim against the at-fault party denied by them or their insurance company?

In this scenario, if you have a valid claim for reimbursement for your injury then a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you file an appeal. In some scenarios, it is necessary to pursue civil litigation but when possible, we try to resolve the situation by negotiating a fair settlement.

Discover if You Are Eligible to File a Personal Injury Claim

If you suffered a serious injury because of someone else’ actions, you may qualify for filing a personal injury claim against them. Medical treatment can be very expensive, and a long recovery time usually means having to take time off from work. The loss of income can add to the victim’s difficult predicament.



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