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When Facing Murder Charges, Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Let’s face it — murder is one of the most severe crimes someone can be charged with. It’s generally understood that a murder conviction often carries with it life-altering consequences. If you find yourself under investigation for a murder charge or have been arrested, immediately hiring a criminal defense attorney is an necessary action if you want to optimize your chances for avoiding a conviction.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers have years of legal experience fighting for clients who face charges for felonies such as attempted murder and murder. They understand how much is at stake and what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome. Turn to a team of highly capable trial attorneys who will work aggressively to help minimize the penalties or fight your charges in court.

Get the Help You Need Immediately After Being Charged

Sharing the information associated with your arrest and the crime in question with your criminal defense attorney is necessary. This information will empower your defender with the facts needed to launch their own investigation into the alleged crime and determine if the prosecution is pursuing you inappropriately.

The majority of people understand the implications and potential for severe punishments of a murder charge. They may assume that the legal process prevents the innocent from being convicted. But, mistakes in the process aren’t always picked up. A criminal defense attorney looks out for anything that may cause your case to go the wrong way. It is your attorney’s responsibility to ensure your rights are protected when you are in the criminal justice system. That’s why retaining an experienced and highly capable criminal defense attorney to ensure you are treated fairly is an essential first step.

Adverse Consequences of a Murder Conviction

Murder convictions carry hefty minimum sentences in prison. Even if you only get the minimum, you could spend decades in jail. Plus, depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime, it’s possible that you could get sentenced to additional time in prison. First-degree murder typically carries the most severe sentence. This crime is the unlawful, intentional, and premeditated taking of another person’s life, so punishments are harsh. Whether you are charged with murder or attempted murder, a criminal defense attorney is prepared to fight for rights, best interests, and your very future.

What Are Special Circumstances? 

The highest murder level is one that involves these special circumstances, including:

  • Murder of a baby or young child
  • Murder of more than one person
  • Murder of a witness to prevent them testifying
  • Murder of a judge or prosecutor
  • Murdering another due to hate (hate crime)
  • Murder of a law enforcement officer

Hard-Hitting Trial Attorneys are Ready to Fight for You

Murder charges require the help of a private criminal defense attorney who has the time and energy to focus on your case. A skilled lawyer, like a criminal defense lawyer from Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., can put their outstanding legal knowledge to work for you. Call today for a case review.