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White glove service for car accidents

Car Accident Law Firm Des Moines, IA

One of the things that I enjoy about the work we do at Des Moines Injury Law, is the high level of service we provide our clients.  Most law firms make their clients do half the legwork. They will force their clients to get records and do other time-consuming steps of the insurance claim process.  At Des Moines Injury Law, LLP we pride ourselves on helping the client focus on recovery. Your job is to get better and to go to doctors. Our job is to deal with all of the car insurance, liability issues, and health insurance issues that come up.

We provide a white glove style service to all of our clients.  Motor vehicle accidents and the issues surrounding car insurance are complex.  During the course of an accident, you may have to talk to more than five insurance companies.  There is your insurance, the at-fault insurance company your health insurance, your auto loan insurance, your property damage claim, your medpay claim, the rental coverage, and possibly Medicaid or Medicare.  Imagine trying to understand the laws that govern each of those and NOT being an attorney!

That’s why people come to Des Moines Injury Law’s Des Moines injury law practice—we take care of all of those issues and help you focus on getting medical treatment and getting better.  We are not doctors, but we will help you find the best medical care available. We will help you find a neurologist if you have a concussion, an orthopedist if you have broken bones or back pain, a psychologist if you have flashbacks or other post-trauma effects, and any other type of provider you may need.  We work closely with all of the providers in the Des Moines are and statewide throughout Iowa.

That’s not the end of the coordination.  Did you know that you have to pay back Medicaid, medicare, and your health insurance companies—and in some cases your own auto insurance?!?  We continue to negotiate on your behalf with all of them, so you get the most money possible from your settlement. W make sure that you get the most money in your pocket at the end.

The car and auto insurance companies in Iowa know Des Moines Injury Law.  They know that we demand high numbers and we get high numbers for our clients.  Of course, every claim, client, and situation are different and so we can’t make guarantees.  That said, the insurance companies know that if they don’t negotiate with us, we will proudly file suit on your behalf.  We mean business and we fight for you!

When is the best time to contact Des Moines Injury Law, LLP?  Now! As soon as you have an accident, call the police, then call us!  Car crashes are serious and second only to calling the police and getting an ambulance, there is no better phone call you can make than calling Des Moines Injury Law.  We know car accidents better than anyone and we have decades of experience working to get our clients the money they deserve.

There are a few things you can do to help the process.  First, call the authorities. When the police arrive, they will inspect the scene of the crash and make an official document memorializing the event.  This is your first means by which to ensure that an insurance company will act. Second, go to the emergency room if the authorities and emergency personnel recommend it.  Your injuries must be taken seriously—especially by you, the victim. If you won’t take them seriously, why should an insurance company.

Next, call Des Moines Injury Law and let the attorneys of Des Moines Injury Law begin the process of opening a claim against the other party’s insurance for you.  You should be concentrating on your health and NOT motor vehicle and car insurance issues. Car accidents and crashes are confusing. Therefore, let some the region’s experts in car accidents work to get you the settlement you deserve.

Then, let your family know you are ok and that you have one of the best legal teams in the Midwest working for you.  They will feel better knowing that you have taken that extra step to secure your rights and their piece of mind. If your family is concerned about the many steps involved, invite them to your first consultation.  We are always happy to explain the process to family and close friends.

Motor vehicle accidents and car accidents are not easy for any individual and are especially tough on families.  That’s why when you call us and tell us that you’ve been hit in by another car or that another driver was careless or negligent, we immediately jump into action and take your call.  Car insurance companies are not your friend. They may call and sound sympathetic, but they are not there to offer you the largest settlement possible, they are there to protect themselves!  Therefore, never give them a recorded statement and to make the process easier, call Des Moines Injury Law, LLP before you call the insurance company. This way your interests and your settlement are protected.

Imagine trying to understand medpay, at-fault, underinsured, and uninsured motorist coverage when you are in the hospital and the doctors want your health insurance information.  Do you give them your private health insurance? What if you don’t have insurance? What if you have Medicaid or Medicare? What do you tell them?!? Let the experienced attorneys of Des Moines Injury Law explain everything to you and organize all of the payments and the car insurance issues for you.  Car accidents, health insurance, bodily injuries, doctors, chiropractors, personal injury claims—there is so much to have to know. That is why happy people get an attorney from a car accident law firm Des Moines, IA relies on at Des Moines Injury Law, LLP.  But the happiest people get Des Moines Injury Law!

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