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Why An Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Best Friend

Personal Injury Lawyer

Despite what the commercials may say, insurance companies and their employees are not our friends, or friendly neighbors. In fact, they tend to be there for us the least when we need them the very most. The truth of the matter is, insurance agencies are only out for one thing, and that is to protect their pocketbook. 

If you were recently in an accident, such as a car collision, slip and fall, workplace accident, or other injury event, then you may have an insurance adjuster call you within the days to follow. Be wary, as the adjuster is not your best friend, and here are the reasons explaining why:

They do not work for victims.

It may be easy to think that an insurance company will be working hard for the victim, so an innocent person can get what they need to recover after being wrongfully injured. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are not going to keep your wellness in mind, especially if that means having to pay you a settlement.

They know they’re being stingy on the settlement offer.

If you received a rapid quick settlement offer from an insurance agency, it’s probably fair to assume that it is way less than what is owed. Insurers may set the first offer so low, that if they have to increase it during negotiations with you, they’ll come out on top anyway. 

They hope to use your words against you.

The most concerned and friendly insurance representative is still someone who will be biased towards the insurance company they work for. And, they may use your statements against you so they can minimze your claim. The insurance adjuster may twist statements to accuse you of being at-fault, or lead you into making comments that contradict your story. By using this strategy, an adjuster can attempt to cast doubt into the validity of your claim, saving their employer money in the long run.

As a personal injury lawyer in Des Moines, IA from Des Moines Injury Law, LLP has seen too many times before, victims are often taken advantage of because they don’t realize how much their claim is truly worth. For honest answers to your most pressing questions, reach out to our team today for a consultation.