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Why You Shouldn’t Be Reluctant to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people are reluctant to get legal help after an accident, because they just aren’t sure if their situation necessitates one. If you are involved in an accident where another person was at fault and suffered injury and/or financial loss, then it’s time to call a personal injury lawyer. You may be able to deal with it on your own if the claim is simple and there was no injury, but in most cases, victims are entitled to some kind of compensation for what they have been through. Examples of financial restitution you may qualify for include:


  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Hospitalization
  • Treatments
  • Property damage
  • Wage loss
  • And more


Most victims of accidents are unfamiliar with the legal process, and may be taken advantage of because of it. For example, insurance adjusters are likely to call within a couple days after the accident, hoping for a statement from you about the accident. But unfortunately, these insurance adjusters settle claims every single day and are very skilled in negotiation. They may get you to say things that are easily misconstrued so that your claim can be minimized or denied. A lawyer who has experience handling cases where victims were injured by another party can be helpful in preventing this from happening.

Even if you aren’t sure that you need a lawyer, it doesn’t hurt to inquire. At the very least, you have the information you need and reassurance that your claim is going to be handled fairly. A lawyer can be a useful resource in asking questions and having someone to watch out for your best interest. 

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