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World’s Greatest Dog Receives Settlement

Dog Bite Lawyer Des Moines IA

World’s Greatest Dog Receives SettlementDog attacks and dog bites are serious problems here in Iowa!  Even service dogs aren’t free from harm. If you or your emotional support dog (ESA) are attacked and injured by another person’s dog—call Des Moines Injury Law!

Recently, we settled a claim for injuries two vicious dogs caused our client and her emotional support dog Iris. It was the first of its kind in the state—but that didn’t scare us from the fight!  An emotional support dog is a client’s lifeline to the outside world and helps them to more fully experience and appreciate life. Emotional support animals come in many forms and we are so proud to push the envelope and get our client justice!

One day last year, Iris, a very good girl, and expertly trained emotional support animal, was providing her services to her patient/owner in the form of care, aid, and assistance, much like any other day. Without warning, two large dogs attacked our client and mauled her emotional support dog. Iris suffered life-threatening injuries. In fact, her trachea was visible because so much flesh was torn off of her. She then experienced a secondary infection which required considerable veterinary and surgical intervention. Remarkably, Iris survived the attack, the treatment, and recovered over the course of four to six months.

Dog attacks are traumatizing to all people. In this case, our client went through an extremely traumatizing episode—her lifeline to the world—the most innocent creature on earth—was attacked right in front of her. We at Des Moines Injury Law take all dog bites seriously. But there was something different about this case. Iris, is a special dog, providing a vital service and dedicating her life to one person. Therefore, we saw Iris and her owner as just that—special and requiring the Des Moines Injury Law magic!

The insurance company was extremely trepidatious when we first provided our demand package. We provided, documentation, photos, and most importantly, we provided persuasive precedent. There are no cases that consider emotional support dogs and their injuries in Iowa, and so we had to take existing case law and carefully and relentlessly demonstrate to the adjuster that the case law applied. After many weeks of negotiating, our hardline paid off!

We got justice for Iris and her owner! A dog bite lawyer Des Moines IA residents recommend from Des Moines Injury Law can do the same for you. If any dog bites or attacks you, a loved one, or an emotional support dog, make sure you have the best law firm on your side—Call Des Moines Injury law at 515-493-4878 or visit us at