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Adel IA Law FirmAdel IA Law Firm

At the Adel IA Law Firm of Des Moines Injury Law, we understand that cases can be stressful and taxing on your mental health. That’s why we want to share with you some fun things to do in the area that can help preserve your mental health during a stressful case. Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, there are plenty of ways to relax and unwind while getting the legal help you need. Read on to learn more about some of the great things to do in the area, and then contact a personal injury lawyer at Des Moines Injury Law for help with your case.

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Welcome to Des Moines Injury Law, a personal injury law firm located near Adel, Iowa. At Des Moines Injury Law, our experienced attorneys are committed to providing quality representation to those who have been injured due to the negligence of others. We specialize in a wide range of legal services including car accident lawyers, wrongful death lawyers, and serious accident lawyers. Our team of experienced attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to handle your case and work to get you the best outcome possible. We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident can be stressful and difficult, so we strive to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, which is why we have also created the list below. Make sure to take the time to focus on your mental health during a case — the best way to do that is to step away and spend a day doing something you enjoy. Here are a few of the favorite locations and activities of our personal injury lawyers:

Adel Family Aquatic Center Adel IAAdel Family Aquatic Center, Adel IA

Located just thirty minutes away from Des Moines Injury Law, the Adel Family Aquatic Center is a great way to de-stress during a stressful case. This popular attraction features a zero-depth entry leisure pool with a lazy river, a large slide, and a lap pool. The family pool also includes a “sprayground” with interactive features like a tipping bucket and ground-level jets. The aquatics center also provides lifeguard training and certification courses to help ensure safety while swimming. And when it’s time to relax, there are plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas in the sun.

But, our on-staff car accident lawyer understands that sometimes just a day at the pool isn’t enough to get your mind off your case. Make sure to check out the center’s activity calendar; the pool also hosts special events throughout the summer, such as movie nights and water aerobics classes. So, whether you’re looking for some fun family time or just want to relax and unwind, the Adel Family Aquatic Center is an ideal spot to do so. Once you’ve splashed around in the water, contact a personal injury lawyer at the Adel Law Firm of Des Moines Injury Law for help with your case.

Dallas County Courthouse Adel IADallas County Courthouse, Adel IA

Located just thirty minutes away from Des Moines Injury Law, you’ll find yourself getting more than a case while visiting the Dallas County Courthouse in Adel, IA. It provides a peaceful and calming atmosphere in which to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the courtroom. It might sound crazy that we suggest visiting a courthouse, but remember we are lawyers, after all!

Visitors to the Dallas County Courthouse in Adele, IA can take advantage of several activities at the courthouse, such as admiring the historic architecture, checking out the various memorials and plaques located on the grounds, or taking a self-guided tour of the courthouse. Additionally, visitors can walk the beautiful gardens surrounding the building, which offer a peaceful escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Another great activity to do at the courthouse is to attend one of their many events. The courthouse hosts weekly free concerts and art shows that are open to the public, as well as festivals and other special events throughout the year. These events provide a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Dallas County and meet new people; if you’ve been working with our wrongful death lawyer, then these events are a great way to get out of the house and find some joy again.

Whether you’re looking for a break from the stress of your legal case with a wrongful death lawyer or just want to explore and enjoy some of the activities at the courthouse, Dallas County Courthouse in Adel, IA is a great option for preserving your mental health after you’ve called a personal injury lawyer at the Adel Law Firm of Des Moines Injury Law for help.

Kinnick-Feller Riverside Park Adel IAKinnick-Feller Riverside Park, Adel IA

Located just over thirty minutes away from Des Moines Injury Law, Kinnick-Feller Riverside Park in Adel IA is a beautiful park located on the banks of the Raccoon River and offers visitors plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind. The park features hiking trails, picnic areas, a fishing dock, and stunning views of the river. Visitors can also take part in kayaking, canoeing, and fishing activities, as well as watch wildlife from the park’s many observation decks. If you love the outdoors and spending time on the water, Kinnick-Feller Riverside park is the place to go! Bring your own gear, or rent some to enjoy kayaking or even fishing.

Kinnick-Feller Riverside Park is the perfect place to escape from your legal worries and enjoy nature’s beauty, especially if you’ve been working with a serious accident lawyer. Since the park features many different activities, you are sure to find something to enjoy even if you have been injured in an accident recently. Take your mind off your work with a serious accident lawyer when you cast a fishing line or enjoy a fresh picnic. Then, contact a personal injury lawyer at the Adel Law Firm of Des Moines Injury Law to get back to work on your case.