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Truck Accident Lawyer Iowa

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Most people, fortunately, will not be involved in an accident with a semi-trailer. Unfortunately, for those who are, the injuries and fallout can be catastrophic. The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety report that approximately five thousand people are killed each year and another one hundred and fifty thousand are injured as the result of accidents involving large trucks. Additionally, the same group reports that approximately one in four passenger vehicle deaths from multiple vehicle collisions involve a truck.

Trucks are an indispensable part of our economy proved best by the simple saying, “If it got to you, it came on a truck”. At any given time, America’s highways and bi-ways are being crisscrossed by thousands of trucks carrying anything from corn to hogs and everything in between. Fortunately, most truck drivers are well educated when it comes to safe operation of their vehicles and most of them understand the risks and responsibilities of operating an eighty-thousand pound vehicle and they drive accordingly. Unfortunately, no matter how safe drivers try to be, accidents can, and do, happen.

Evidence to collect following a semi accident:

Pursuing personal injury claims involving a semi-truck can be challenging to say the least. Unlike many car accidents, truck accidents often involve complicated ownership and insurance issues such as:

• Who owns the tractor?
• Who owns the trailer?
• Who does the driver work for?
• Is there an issue of apportionment?
• Where is the truck actually licensed?
• Which federal regulations come into play?
• What state laws come into play?
• Is the tractor/trailer in compliance with the federal regulations?
• Is the driver in compliance with the applicable federal regulations?
• Who insurers the various elements of the truck?

The list goes on and on.

Common causes of semi accidents:

As with any other type of accident, the number of ways in which accidents with semi-trailers occur is nearly endless. Due to their sheer size, semi trucks have “blind spots” much larger than those of cars and, thus, semi drivers have challenges seeing much smaller cars and motorcycles.

Although most drivers do all they can to check their blind spots, cars can, and do, remain nearly invisible if the driver is unlucky enough to be in the semis blind spot when he or she changes lanes.

Obviously, blind spots are not the only factor that contributes to truck crashes. For example, stopping distances for large trucks is much greater than for passenger cars due to the huge difference in weight. Therefore, when encountering a hazard on the road, it can be difficult for a semi to stop before striking the hazard. Additionally, large trucks are not nearly as maneuverable as cars and motorcycles thus adding to the driver’s challenges of avoiding hazards.

Driver fatigue is another problem that plagues the trucking industry. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, approximately seven-hundred and fifty people are killed and twenty thousand more were injured due directly to driver fatigue. Click here for more information about tired driving.

Although the number of hours and amount of rest a driver must have are well regulated, there remains a subset of drivers and owner- operators who choose to flaunt these rules in order to save money while ignoring the risk these fatigued drivers bring to the roads.


What to do following a truck crash in Iowa:
If you have been injured in a crash involving a truck, it is important to act quickly in order to get the evidence you need before it is lost or, worse, altered.

The truck accident lawyer Iowa residents trust are experienced in truck accidents and have successfully represented many people injured in these types of crashes. Once retained, our lawyers immediately begin working to preserve evidence such as driver’s logs, GPS information, bills of lading, and much more – evidence that will greatly improve your chance of maximum financial recovery.

Contact an Iowa Truck Accident Attorney:
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