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Bike Accident Lawyer Des Moines IA

If you were injured in a bike accident, consider talking to a bike accident lawyer Des Moines Iowa trusts. An experienced lawyer from Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. may help you obtain compensation for your injuries. You may be able to collect financial damages for the pain and suffering inflicted by a bicycling accident.

Causes of Bike Accidents

Even if bicyclists take all the necessary precautions, they can still get into accidents with other vehicles on the road. Some common causes of bike accidents include:

  • Driver fails to check side view mirrors before changing lanes and hits a bicyclist
  • Driver doesn’t yield for a bicyclist
  • Hazardous road conditions

Because bicyclists have few safety features on their bikes to protect them against crashes, they are more likely to get hurt during accidents. An experienced bike accident lawyer Des Moines IA respects may help an injured bicyclist file a lawsuit and get compensated.

Evidence in a Bike Accident Claim

In order to prove that the other driver was at fault during the accident, an injured bicyclist must provide certain evidence, including:

  • Photos of the Accident Scene: If you are able, try to take several photos of the bike accident scene. Take clear photos of the vehicle that hit you, the damage to your bike, and any skid marks on the road.
  • Your Bike: Don’t get your bike repaired before your claim is settled. Take your bike to the insurance company as it is, so they may properly inspect the damages.
  • Medical Records: After you get treated for your injuries, get copies of the medical records from your doctor. These records should include important information about your injuries, such as how severe they are and if they require future treatments or not.
  • Witness Statements: If there were any witnesses present during the bike accident, ask for their names and contact information. They may be able to testify on your behalf in court.

If the evidence you currently have isn’t sufficient, your bike accident lawyer in Des Moines IA may help you obtain more.

How a Bike Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you were involved in a bike accident, it may be in your best interest to hire a bike accident lawyer Des Moines IA relies on. Here are some of the ways an experienced lawyer may help you with your case:

  • Higher Settlement: A Des Moines bike accident lawyer may get you a higher settlement for the damages you suffered during the accident. He or she may know the approximate value of your injuries and could fight hard to ensure the insurance company gives your fair compensation.
  • Knowledge and Experience: A reputable bike accident lawyer has likely handled similar cases to yours in the past and may know what evidence is needed to win a case. If you don’t have enough evidence, he or she may help you obtain the evidence you need to prove your case.
  • Works on a Contingency Basis: A bike accident lawyer Des Moines IA counts on likely works on a contingency fee, so you won’t owe him or her money unless you win your case.

If you are looking for a bike accident lawyer Des Moines IA offers, contact Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. 


4 Ways to Pay Medical Bills Following an Accident


If you were involved in a bike accident in which you received some injuries, you might start seeing those medical bills come trickling in soon. How will you pay for them? Yours or the driver who hit you auto insurance is the obvious option, but if your case gets complicated, even goes to court, how will you pay those bills in the meantime? The following are four considerations. For more detailed information on your situation, contact our office to speak with a Des Moines IA bike accident lawyer. 


  1. Personal Injury Protection


PIP is coverage that should be attached to every car insurance policy out there. If you are insured, you probably have PIP. This is a type of coverage that you can use for those first few medical bills until you reach a settlement and have a greater sum of money to use. PIP caps out at a certain amount, often $3,000 or somewhere near that amount, so the medical providers who are first in sending the bills to insurance are the providers who will get paid through this coverage.


  1. Medicaid or Medicare


Both Medicaid and Medicare are federal programs that offer health insurance coverage to individuals who may otherwise not have any benefits. This includes low-income and disabled individuals. If PIP has been exhausted, and you have a PIP exhaust notice to show your case worker, Medicaid or Medicare may be an option for paying your medical bills. Your bike accident lawyer Des Moines IA can evaluate your situation to see if you qualify for this option. 


  1. Private Health Insurance


Whether you have insurance through your employer or have purchased a policy on your own, private health insurance is intended to pay medical bills, so if you don’t have another option, your insurance provider should step in. Keep in mind, the provider will want compensation if you win a settlement regarding your accident, and that will typically come right out of your settlement. Be sure you inform your health insurance provider that the medical bills they’ll be seeing are the result of a car accident so you don’t end up in legal trouble.


  1. Out of Pocket


Being injured in a bike accident is hard enough to deal with. You don’t want to get sent to collections on top of it. As hard and difficult as it may seem, you need to get your medical bills paid, even if that means you pay out of pocket. You can pay yourself back as soon as you receive a settlement, so just keep that in mind when you start writing out checks.


Contact a Bike Accident Lawyer in Des Moines IA to Represent You

Having a lawyer on hand to represent you in the case of a car accident is always a good idea. Whether you need guidance in how to pay your medical bills or are wondering how to move forward with a lawsuit, contact Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P.  to speak with a bike accident lawyer Des Moines IA clients recommend for assistance.