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Recreational injury In Iowa? We can help.

Although the following information applies primarily to ATV injuries, boating injuries, and hunting injuies, many of the principles mentioned herein apply to all types of recreational accidents and injuries. If you have been injured in any type of recreational injury, call or email us now for a free consultation.
After a long winter, many residents of Iowa get out their boats and head for the nearest lake or river. Whether waterskiing, fishing, or just enjoying the sun, boating comes with risk.

Our personal injury lawyers have represented boaters who have been struck by other boats, jet ski operators struck by boats, swimmers hit by boats, and passengers on boats who are thrown when the driver operates the boat in a negligent manner.
Just as in car accidents, boat operators can drive them in a negligent manner resulting in injury to innocent parties. In fact, boating related injuries can be far worse than those suffered in a car accident due to the added element of water. Just as in a car accident, you may well have legal recourse.

Often times, boating injury claims are made against the homeowner’s insurance policy of the boat owner. Other times, claims are made against the insurance carrier of the operator if they happen to be two different people. Still other times a claim can be made against both.

It is important to speak with an experienced boat injury lawyer so he or she can evaluate your situation and advise you of how to proceed.

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The all-terrain vehicle or, more commonly, “ATV” is a mode of transportation for some, a means of recreation for others, and an indispensable tool for others. Regardless of what the use, riding ATVs comes with risk – risk that can result in injury and fatality.

Although ATV manufacturers have made strides in improving the safety of these machines, our ATV injury lawyers still regularly see people injured while on these machines. Frequently, when being used for recreation, people seem to get so caught up in the fun they are having that they seem to disregard the fact that they are operating an extremely powerful machine on oftentimes very rough terrain. Bringing these factors together can be a recipe for disaster. In other cases, ATV operators are not accustomed to operating them while pulling a load and, consequently, injuries can occur.

The risk of ATV operation increases when the driver takes on a passenger. If the operator is inexperienced, he or she might quickly realize that the ATV handles much differently with the added weight of a passenger or that he or she loses maneuverability through turns or up inclines if the passenger’s movements are not in sync with those of the driver. Thus, injuries or fatalities can extend to the driver and passenger.

ATV cases have legal complexities with which our personal injury lawyers are well versed. A threshold question on ATV cases is whether or not there is insurance coverage. Most homeowners insurance policies exclude vehicles such as ATVs so, often, an investigation must be done to determine if there is an umbrella policy which might afford coverage or if the owner/operator has specifically purchased insurance coverage.

Our ATV injury lawyers also investigate what it was that actually caused the accident. Although driver error often comes into play, that is not the exclusive cause of injury. Occasionally, the cause of the crash and injury is due to a poorly maintained trail or other unsafe physical feature. Other injuries arise from a faulty design of the ATV or a manufacturing defect in which case a product liability claim might be pursued.

Regardless of the cause, if you have been injured while on an ATV, contact one of our ATV personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. Call us at 515-493-4878 or email now. We charge no fees unless we make a recovery for you.


Iowa Hunting and Gun Accident Lawyers

Each year, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts are injured by guns. In some cases, it is an accidental discharge of a firearm resulting in injury while in other cases it is a hunter who misses his mark and the bullet carries on ultimately injuring, or killing, someone. These types of injuries are not only sad but they are almost always avoidable.


Most of these types of injuries can be avoided by proper gun handling and operation. When these injuries and fatalities do occur, the injured party, or the next of kin of the deceased, has the right to seek justice and full compensation for the injuries or loss.

Although it can be challenging, we are often able to determine who fired the gun, or arrow, that resulted in injury. In order to make this determination, it is sometimes necessary to retain a ballistics expert who helps evaluate the near exact location from which the gun was fired. With that knowledge, we work with the landowners or others to determine who was hunting on the at-issue property at the time the injury occurred. From there, more often than not, we are able to

correctly identify the shooter and bring a claim.

As with most recreational injuries, the injury claims are most often brought against the homeowner’s insurance policy of the shooter but there are situations in which claims can be made against the landowner as well.

If you have suffered a gun or arrow related injuries, contact us immediately as it is crucial we begin our investigation before evidence is lost.

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