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Serious Accident Lawyer Iowa

Serious Accident Lawyer Iowa

serious accident lawyer Iowa

If you were recently involved in a car accident, please call a serious accident lawyer Iowa residents can depend on from Des Moines Injury Law, LLP, right away. If you were hurt and need someone with legal experience to help you handle the aftermath, you can rely on our team to provide that for you. We have helped victims of serious accidents for many years and are not afraid to fight relentlessly on their behalf. We can imagine that you may be in pain, overwhelmed, and stressed about what is to come. Rest assured that you are in good hands with our lawyers.

If you have been impacted by an accident, then it’s time to speak with a lawyer from Des Moines Injury Law, LLP. You may be entitled to compensation for damages that aren’t as easily calculated in a monetary sense. Victims in personal injury incidents may be eligible to receive a financial award for noneconomic damages that don’t come along with a bill to prove its value and existence during this time. The most common type of noneconomic damages that victims pursue is called pain and suffering.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions

The lawyers at our law firm understand what you may be going through. You probably have questions about whether it is worth pursuing a claim with your insurance company, and how much a fair settlement would be. We can give you straightforward answers regarding things like lost wages, property damage, medical care coverage, damages, and more. We can help you complete the necessary paperwork so that you can focus on what you need to do, which is healing. 

Do You Have a Claim To Pursue

After being in a car accident, you may not be sure whether you meet the criteria for seeking compensation. As a serious accident lawyer in IA may tell you during a consultation, to be eligible to collect different types of damages, there are two criteria you must meet. The first is that the accident was at the very least partially caused by the other person’s negligence. And secondly, that the accident has caused you or a relative to endure serious physical injury. If you meet these two criteria, then please call us now for insight and counsel.

When An Insurance Company Calls

After filing a claim with your insurance company, you may get calls from various parties who do not have your best interest at heart. For instance, an insurance adjuster may call you for an official statement of how the car accident happened and the extent of your injuries. This person may come across as trusting and compassionate when in reality, they are hoping you say something that can ruin your claim. The best way to handle these insurance adjusters is not to answer any questions, ask for a call back name and number, and then call us to take over from there. 

Every victim of a car accident will have a different experience; however, most of them will endure some form of physical injury and mental stress or anguish. There isn’t a set standard amount to ask for when it comes to pain and suffering damages, so it’s best to visit a lawyer clients rely on for an assessment of how much you could receive. By providing details about the accident and the extent of the pain and suffering to your attorney, he or she can assign an approximate dollar amount to your damages. 

What is useful evidence for pain and suffering?

When it comes to showing the amount of psychological pain and emotional suffering you endured, testimonies from loved ones, friends, coworkers, and a mental health professional can be very influential. If you haven’t begun already, a lawyer families depend on may suggest keeping a daily personal injury journal, where you write down your feelings, challenges, and struggles both physically and mentally.

Another way to provide evidence for pain and suffering is through testimony from a medical expert who can attest to the degree of pain, disability, impairment, and discomfort that you likely felt as a result of the injury itself. A medical expert can be helpful since their statements will be based strictly on facts regarding the injury.

Other useful pieces of evidence include photographs, particularly those that show the damage to both vehicles, where the collision took place, and your visible injuries. Externally visible injuries, such as lacerations, bruising, fractures, and swelling, can effectively convey what you suffered.

How are pain and suffering damages turned into a monetary amount?

A lawyer may use two methods to turn your pain and suffering into a monetary amount. The first is referred to as the “multiplier method”, where you add up your medical bills, loss of earnings, and other financial losses and then multiply that by a number between 1 and 5 based on your injuries’ severity.

The second way is through the “per diem method,” where a set amount is assigned (such as $200) to each day that passed from the car accident until the full recovery. Each of these pain and suffering calculations provides a baseline and can be adjusted depending on special circumstances related to the injury, such as scarring, disfigurement, or medical complications. A lawyer families confide in may also look into similar car accident cases to determine whether what you are asking for is within range.

The Law Offices of Des Moines Injury Law, LLP

Car accidents can lead to severe bodily injury, stress, financial turmoil, and so much more. We are empathetic and strategic when handling car accident claims for our clients and are willing to go the extra mile for them. The next step is to contact us so we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. To get help from an Iowa serious accident lawyer at Johnston Marineau, LLP, call the number below or email us today.

Factors That May Worsen Injuries

Our serious accident lawyer, Iowa car accident victims, rely on for help, has witnessed firsthand the life-altering impact that such an accident can have on a person. Be aware that in some situations, there are decisions or behaviors that a person may make that may cause injuries to worsen. When you have suffered injuries, it’s essential not to delay in reaching out for legal guidance. The experience offered at Des Moines Injury Law, LLP, can help protect your interests by working to recover from your losses. 

Driving at Accelerated Speeds

At some point in a person’s life, drivers are likely to drive their car over the limit. While this is a fairly common occurrence, know that speed limits are put in place for a reason, to keep drivers and passengers safe. Be aware that when a person drives too fast, they may be unable to respond on time because they are traveling at speeds that far exceed the speed limit. Additionally, the higher the speed, the more likely victims are to suffer catastrophic injuries.

Forgetting to Put Your Seatbelt On

As dangerous as it may sound, some people are in the habit of not wearing a seatbelt. In other situations, a person may innocently forget. Keep in mind that even on short trips or driving at lowered speeds, the result may become tragic if an accident occurs. A person’s entire life may change when they fail to wear their seatbelt. Our Iowa serious accident lawyer shares that wearing a seatbelt can prevent injuries that could be severe and even save your life. 

Not Sitting Properly in Your Seat

It’s not uncommon for passengers to sit inappropriately in their seats, especially on a long trip. Being seated improperly can cause injuries to be more severe. When seated incorrectly in a vehicle, should a crash occur, the safety mechanisms the car comes equipped with will not be able to offer the same level of protection. For example, sometimes passengers may put their feet up on the dashboard, which could cause serious complications when the airbag deploys upon impact. Other examples that could pose a potential safety risk include: 

  • Not properly wearing your seatbelt
  • Not seating your child in the proper car seat
  • Reclining the seat too far back
  • Driving with a pet in your lap


Underlying Health Conditions

People all over the world have allergies and health conditions that require ongoing treatments. It’s not uncommon for patients to be asked about health conditions and allergies when receiving treatment from a medical professional. However, when a person is in a car accident and cannot answer these questions, treatment administered by emergency personnel could put you at risk if you have an allergy or health condition that they are not aware of. Medical ID bracelets identifying critical health information can play an important role and could even save your life. A medical ID bracelet can ensure that you receive the treatment you need. 

Before any person gets behind the wheel or climbs into the passenger seat, they must be taking measures to protect themselves should a car accident occur. When someone sets out in their care, they can never predict whether an accident will occur. However, but taking the proper course of action for safety, you may protect yourself and others from far worse injuries. At Des Moines Injury Law, LLP, we know that victims will need help piecing their lives back together after an accident. Let us help by contacting our serious accident lawyer in Iowa.




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