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Most of us have seen the bumper sticker that reads:


The reason that phrase has worked its way into our culture is due, in large part, to the relatively high number of  motorcycle accidents that  occur due to the typical car driver not looking for or, simply, not seeing motorcycles.

From a psychological standpoint, the driver of a car often notices only the absence of another car but not the presence of a motorcycle. In fact, studies have shown that in crashes between a motorcycle and a car, the driver of the car is at fault for the crash in approximately 60% of the cases.

Motorcycles are fuel efficient, easy to get around on, and fun to ride. However, even the most experienced rider will agree, operating one comes with significant risks. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that a motorcyclist is thirty percent more likely to be killed in a crash than is the driver of a car.

A motorcycle accident lawyer Des Moines IA trusts will tell you that the numbers are even worse for riders over sixty who are, in many cases, taking up riding at an older age or returning to it after years away. Older riders often have slower reflexes and weaker eyesight than their younger counterparts thus leading to an increased number of accidents. When accidents do happen, older riders tend to have more serious injuries due to a combination of things including having more brittle bones and less muscle mass to help support joints during traumatic events.

The use of helmets has vocal advocates on both sides of the argument and we believe each driver has the freedom to choose whether or not they use one. However, the numbers show that riders without helmets, who are involved in a crash, are forty percent more likely to have a fatal head injury and are three times more likely to have a brain injury than those wearing helmets.

Even with all the risks and public awareness about motorcycles, it seems that every spring, car drivers have to renew their awareness of motorcycles. It’s as though during the winter months the thought of motorcycle awareness slips away. That is why there is often a spike in serious and fatal motorcycle accidents in the early to mid-spring months.

Another factor with which motorcyclists must contend is that they are smaller and much more maneuverable than cars. Thus, what might seem to be a normal maneuver for a motorcyclists can often catch the unwary car driver by surprise causing them to react in what proves to be an unsafe manner.

When a motorcyclist is involved in a crash, the injuries, somewhat obviously, tend to be much worse than those suffered in a car accident due to the lack of protection surrounding the operator. However, there are things that you can do to help protect yourself as a motorcyclist. First, get educated; many organizations offer rider safety courses for everyone from the first time rider through seasoned veterans. Second, although optional, protective gear will likely help you reduce injuries in the event of a crash – brightly colored gear is even more helpful. The acronym A.T.G.A.T.T. stands for all the gear, all the time. While certainly not mandatory, A.T.G.A.T.T. makes sense.

Common motorcycle accidents and tips:

Following are several of the more common motorcycle crash scenarios we at Des Moines Injury see along with a few notes on ways to cut down your risk:

A car turns in front of you as you are driving straight through an intersection. You can help to avoid these types of crashes by slowing down as you approach an intersection, cover your brakes, and get ready to take action to avoid the crash. It is recommended by some authorities that you watch the wheels of cars that you suspect might be turning rather than the car itself as your first indication of motion will come from the tires.

Hitting debris, such as sand or small rocks, as you enter a corner can be frightening experience for even the most advanced rider. The best way to avoid this situation is to not hit the debris in the first place. This is best done by riding at a speed at which your reaction time and your ability to react fit within your range of vision. Enter corners wide and at an easy pace which helps increase your range of vision. It is perfectly acceptable to pick up speed as you move through and exit the corner but only after you have been able to see all the way through the corner. Sand and debris are quite common in early spring due to snow melt and sand laid down during the winter months. Learn more about this issue here.

A car changing lanes into your path is a very common accident scenario. This situation is directly tied to the fact that motorcycles are so much smaller than cars and can easily disappear into blind spots along with driver’s “mental blind spots” as it pertains to motorcycles. You can reduce your chance of this type of accident occurring by being aware of the “other guy’s” blind spot and staying out of it. Additionally, be aware of road conditions such as construction and exit ramps that might force drivers to change lanes.

Being rear-ended on a motorcycle can be fatal. If at all possible, use other cars on the road as your safety net. When stopped in a line of traffic, it is always best if you can get at least one car behind you. If safe to do so, and with a wave, many drivers will pull over and in front of a car which is also stopped. Although this might irritate the driver, it is better than being hit. If this isn’t an option, consider stopping to the side of the lane of travel rather than the center. Flash your brake light as you wait, keep your bike in gear and hand on the throttle. Be watching what is going on behind you and get ready to move.

Motorcycle Insurance:

Insurance coverage for motorcycles frequently differs from car insurance so it is important for you to know what type of insurance you are buying and exactly what it covers and for what time frame. It is just as important to have an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Des Moines IA can call upon to review your policy with you should you be injured so you can be confident that you rights are fully protected and your compensation is maximized.

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