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Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawyers in Des Moines, Iowa

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Iowa Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Attorney

The estate of a woman who died from ovarian cancer received a $72 million dollar verdict from a Missouri jury earlier this week.

Evidence was submitted that convinced the jury that the decedent’s ovarian cancer was linked to Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products for feminine hygiene over the course of three decades.

It was alleged that the manufacturers of these products were aware of a possible link between the use of these products and ovarian cancer going back to the early 1980s yet failed to properly warn users of the potential risk.

The majority of claims for ovarian cancer from talcum powder have several similarities including:

• The use of Johnson & Johnson “baby powder” or “Shower to Shower” on a near daily basis.

• Very loyal to Johnson and Johnson and used the product(s) as directed.

• The product was applied around the genital area regularly for at least five years.

• Suffers of ovarian cancer did not have “BRCA” which is the gene that predisposes a woman to ovarian cancer.

• In many biopsies that have been analyzed, talc fibers have been found in the cancerous tumors.

• The users were never warned by Johnson & Johnson that the risk of getting ovarian cancer from the use of their products could be up to thirty percent.

• Johnson & Johnson seems to have been aware of the link between their product(s) and cancer for over thirty years but never made a warning.

If you were diagnosed (or lost a loved one) with ovarian cancer and used these products, contact one of our personal injury attorneys today us for a free consultation at 515-493-4878 or email or see our bad drug and medical device page for more details.

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