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Traumatic brain injury in Iowa? We can help.

Of all the types of injuries that can be suffered, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are often among the most catastrophic. At first blush, a brain injury may seem somewhat minor and may not be visible on many standard diagnostic tests yet these types of injuries can cause significant physical, cognitive, social, and vocational issues for those who suffer from them.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI),  are caused by damage to the brain tissue by some outside force such as:

• Car accidents

• Recreational injuries

• Sports injuries

• Electric shock

It is important to remember that someone can suffer a TBI without any visible physical evidence of injury or trauma. Such a TBI may be sustained in a rear-end car accident resulting in a whiplash type injury.

The types of impairments caused by head injuries vary widely and are dependent upon the location and severity of the injury. Some of the most commonly observed symptoms of brain injuries include:

problems with focus, mood, memory, fatigue, and personality changes.

Some victims of head injuries also experience learning disabilities and problems with organization and reasoning. Recent studies even seem to indicate that victims of concussion have a higher rate of suicide.

It is easy to imagine how even the most seemingly benign of these symptoms would negatively impact nearly every facet of life.

Brain injury legal issues:

Our lawyers have successfully represented many people with traumatic brain injuries. Brain injury cases often require much more evidence than do other types of injuries. The reason being that, as noted above, objective evidence of these types of injuries often remains hidden. We often employ neuropsychologists who perform a battery of tests in order to establish the existence of a brain injury.

Sworn statements or testimony of friends and co-workers is also invaluable in these types of cases. These statements are usually quite in depth and go into detail about what the injured person was like before the accident and after the accident. These first hand accounts are quite compelling for juries and insurance companies alike.

Legal damages for brain injuries:

In addition to past and future medical expenses and pain and suffering, lost income and the loss of future earning capacity often make up a large part of a personal injury settlement for a brain injury case.

This is because although some people who suffer brain injuries do return to their pre-accident condition, others do not. For those who do not, many find they are unable to ever return to work or they are forced to take work that is significantly different, and pays less, than what they did prior to their injury.

It is important to have an experienced brain injury lawyer advocating for you should you sustain a brain injury.

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