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Preventing and Treating Whiplash After a Car Wreck

Car Accident Attorney Des Moines, IA

car accident attorney Des Moines IA

Victims of Des Moines IA car accidents may endure neck, back, extremity, brain, and internal injuries. Depending on how fast each car was going and at which direction the wreck happened, body damage conditions can range from mild to critical. One of the more common injuries that actually can be slow in progression yet painful and long-term is a whiplash injury. In this article, a car accident attorney answers frequently asked questions people may have about how to prevent, treat, and get compensation for whiplash after being involved in a car wreck.

How can a person prevent being in a car accident?
While we cannot totally guarantee that when we venture out onto the road no accident will happen to us, we can take certain actions to help lessen our chances. Unfortunately, not every driver is safe because of the actions of others. Here are some tactics you can utilize to help keep dangerous drivers near you at bay:
  • If a car is speeding up behind you quickly, get over to the next lane and out of their way.
  • Always scan your surroundings and up ahead for drivers who may be swerving, speeding, tailgating another vehicle, or otherwise driving unsafely.
  • Get away from cars that are severely damaged or unkempt, as that can sometimes be interpreted as a driver who is not responsible.
  • Avoid engaging with angry drivers who are displaying road rage and call the police if you feel threatened.
What are the symptoms of whiplash?
Those who recently endured a car crash may feel pain and/or stiffness in their neck area. Whiplash can also cause other areas of your back to be in discomfort or pain as well. Common symptoms associated with whiplash can include:
  • Increasing pain in the neck due to movement
  • Not being able to use entire neck range of motion
  • Headaches (which start at the base of neck)
  • Upper back, arms, or shoulders feel tender or stiff
  • Very tired, fatigued, or irritable
  • Numbness in extremities (or tingling sensation)
What are the treatment options for a whiplash injury?
Your doctor can run diagnostics to determine which is the best course of treatment for your injury. Your doctor may recommend you immobilize the area with a neck brace, engage in physical therapy, consult with a chiropractor and/or take medicine to help alleviate pain. Whiplash can start off by being only a small ache here and there and gradually develop into substantial discomfort. If you believe you may have suffered a whiplash injury because of the accident, you should see your doctor right away.
What should I do if I have accumulated a huge pile of medical expenses? 
Victims of a car accident can decide to consult with a car accident attorney Des Moines IA clients recommend from Des Moines Injury Law about their legal options. It may be possible to sue the driver at-fault for your injuries through a civil lawsuit. The driver may have to pay you financial compensation related to your injury expenses. A car accident attorney in Des Moines IA can evaluate your case and help you decide if a lawsuit is the right route for you.