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Texting While Driving Accident Attorney Des Moines, IA

After you have been injured because someone else was texting and driving and hit your car, you need the help of a texting while driving accident attorney Des Moines, IA residents trust. Unfortunately, texting while driving is something that many people do. Not because they intentionally want to hurt anyone, of course. However, they believe that getting a text message out is extremely important and cannot wait. Instead of pulling off to the side of the road or waiting until they get to their destination, the person may write their text message and thus they will not be paying attention to the road while they are driving. This can cause serious accidents to occur. If you have been the victim in a texting while driving accident, do not hesitate to contact our office now.

What happens when someone has hit you while texting?

You may be wondering the logical next question: what happens once someone has hit you while they were texting? Are they liable for the damage they caused? The answer is “absolutely.” As long as there is evidence to show that they were indeed texting someone while driving, your car accident attorney Des Moines, IA relies on can help show that what they were doing caused you to become injured. A few things that may apply in your case are:

  • Medical Expenses. When someone is distracted, the accident they cause can be horrific because they were not paying attention enough to steer the car away or they may have been speeding. This means you may have an ambulance transportation bill, physical therapy, surgery costs, and medication expenses. 
  • Pain and Suffering. If you experienced any emotional distress, mental distress, or physical distress from the accident, it is possible to list this as part of the damages. 
  • Property Damage. If the accident was bad enough to injure you, it is certainly possible that it was bad enough to cause property damage. You may win compensation for things like damage done to your car, a fair compensation if your car was totaled, and other property damages. 

What will it take to win?

When you want to show that the other driver is responsible, it is not enough to simply point the finger. Your attorney will need to establish that the other driver was responsible for causing the accident because they were driving and texting. If you would like to learn more, contact a Des Moines, Iowa texting while driving accident attorney from Des Moines Injury Law, LLP.