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Dealing With Head Injuries

Posted October 29, 2015 in Personal Injury Blog

Sustaining a head injury is, obviously, a serious and scary situation. Fortunately, treatment for head injuries has come a long way over the past decade. New treatment protocols have been developed that, if put to use in a timely manner, can help decrease some of the long term ramifications brought about by head injuries.

Proper diagnosis and prompt treatment from a qualified doctor or care team is essential for maximum recovery. It is equally important for head injured people, and their loved ones, to educate themselves on their condition and how they can help contribute to their care.

With self-education in mind, the following list of questions is a good starting point. Feel free to print this page and take it with you to your neurologist. He or she will likely be happy that you are taking an active role in your treatment and trying to gain a thorough understanding about your head injury.

Head Injury Questions To Ask Your Doctor:

• What specific type of head injury do I have?

• How would you categorize my head injury?  Mild, moderate, or severe?

• Is my head injury life threatening?

• How will you evaluate the severity of the head injury?

• What does a head injury diagnosis involve?

• What types of testing will be performed to confirm my head injury – CT scan, MRI, X-rays?

• What do each of the above noted tests involve?

• What is neurological exam?

• What is the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) and what does my score tell you?

• What area(s) of my brain is involved in this injury?

• Is the damage to my brain focal or diffuse (small area or large area)?

• Are there common stages of progression I can expect with my head injury?

• Does my type of brain damage typically cause a cascade of other conditions?

• What are the acute effects of this type of head injury?

• What typical complications are associated with this type of head injury?

• Is bleeding and or swelling in the brain associated with this type of head injury?

• Are there common symptoms that might indicate complications?

• What should I do if I experience complications?

• What late term complications might I experience from this head injury?

• Are there common signs of late complications?

• What treatments are available for my head injury?

• What are the pros and cons associated with various different treatments?

• Is there a typical prognosis for people with this type of head injury?

• Will I need brain surgery? If yes, what type of surgery?

• What is a shunt and will I need one?

• Do you have any recommendations for a rehabilitation facility?

• What types of health care professionals will be involved my care?

• How can brain injury complications be reduced or prevented?

• Can I expect to need care for the rest of my life?

• Will my cognitive functioning be monitored throughout my treatment? If so, how?

The above list just begins to scratch the surface of information you might need or want. Hopefully, these questions can provide a jumping-off point for you to add to.

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